Interesting Emoji Menu at Kasbah the Rooftop

Kasbah Rooftop Lounge and Shisha Bar offers breathtaking views alongside the swimming pool at Goldstate Hotel. An ideal location to start your weekend or relax after a day at work, Kasbah Lounge has an exceptional environment – wherein you can enjoy delicious mocktails, cocktails, wines and various flavours of shisha along with amazing gourmet fairs. The combination of lavish ambience, plush furniture, soothing lightings amidst a lush landscape and stunning sights makes Kasbah Rooftop Lounge a memorable nightlife destination at Goldstate Hotel Dubai.

Chef Tarun at Kasbah introduced very interesting menu! The menu is designed around quirky names for each of the items on their menu and an associated custom Emoji. Just take a look

About the chef!

27 years old India-born and trained, began his culinary career in his native country with Taj Hotels and Resorts, Delhi. He then worked with F Bar and Lounge, Mumbai (Consultant chef- Michelin starred Chef Vineet Bhatia). After his internship with these two prestigious brands, in the quest of continuous learning and development, he joined Vana Retreats, Dehradun as a Team member in pre-opening team.

 His last stint was with Tresind, Dubai working under with Pro Chef Award winner Chef Himanshu Saini

Speaking after his appointment, Tarun said: “I felt like I had achieved all that I could at the Tresind, Dubai and was ready for a new challenge, so when the opportunity arose to join Kasbah I leapt at the opportunity”

“I am extremely grateful to Chef Himanshu Saini and Chef Vineet Bhatia for their guidance and support and I definitely owe a major portion of my success to them”, continued Chef Tarun.

Having a motto of keeping everyone around happy, smiling and fun-filled , gave birth to the concept ‘Expressions’. We have added a pinch of ‘smiley’ to the overall food experience, which will certainly be a memory.

I am extremely sure that Expressions will do its part to contribute to UAE’s march for happiness and positivity, explained Tarun.

I’m delighted to welcome Tarun to the team at Kasbah. “His skill and culinary creations are extraordinary and we are excited to have a chef of his calibre”, said Rahul Kaul, owner of Dejavu Dubai


1Raj ki kaun? – raj kachori turned into cone, mixture of green peas & potatoes stuffed into kachori shaped cone, topped with various chutneys & sev.

2Heartbeet– favourite among all vegetarians- cream cheese stuffed heart shaped beetroot patty, served on a base of coriander raita, spice cut with chilli mandarin reduction.

3Seek kebab not attention– lahori pencil seekh kebabs- butter glazed, served like a taco sandwich on a steamed bao along with achari dressing and pickled onion.

4Call it a flower- this one was chef s personal recommendation and one of his life changing experiences, from his last year visit to a trek call “valley of flowers”, situated at UTTRAKHAND, INDIA. He put his experiences into a dish, it was an array of colourful flowers in a vase , along with tandoori broccoli and cauliflower florets, cooked with yoghurt and spices, and how we water plants, he sprayed generously with mint and coriander water.

5Dabizza– well, this time Italians can date gujaratis, its blend of two cuisines- international affair- dabeli turned into pizza.

6Teri Chicken Ke Balls: Chicken balls stir fried in delicious teriyaki sauce. Teriyaki tossed meats usually tend to be sweet but this was really well rounded with a nice balance between sweet and spicy.

7BOMBAY BOMBS- Kasbah s take on vada pav- miniature bite sized vada pav bombs- literally loaded with flavors and guess what finished in tandoor.

M4 Army, Metti Malai Chicken Murg Tikka.In addition to the lovely presentation, the chicken was juicy and enjoyable.For desserts-

8That’s how we roll– this has to be the most unique and the very best pick from everything that we tried for the day. This is the Shrikhand (Sweetened Hung Yogurt) and Red Velvet Cake rolled into one served with Bubble Gum sorbet. So different and yet SO Delicious! The fruity flavours played so nicely with the red velvet and shrikhand combo! Definitely not to be missed.

9FROASTED– Some flavours are like secret codes. The moment they touch our palates we rolled into a time machine and travelled back to days of your childhood. The smell of lightly singled kernels, taste of lemon smeared grains, sprinkled spice mix is something unforgettable.  Chef Tarun personally generate the secret code again with his specially conceived savoury dessert. he turned into a savoury ice-cream, seasoning with lime juice and spice mix. He hopes to trigger the happy thoughts and make your meal a memorable one.

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