Valentine’s Day- A Yay or Nay?

Valentines day is reffered to as a day of love, hearts and emotions. It gets Quite conteroversial at times too as per the history associated with it and a few people’s logics. But i am a big V Day fan. And I beleive everyone should celebrate it.

The controversy and contradictions in this day is a bunch of people arguing everyday shall be a valentine’s day there shouldnt be just one day for love. Let me ask you how many times in a month if not year have you told and made feel your better half or friends and family that?

They are the same people who say there shouldnt be just one day for Mothers or Fathers. Although we dont bother spending time with them busy in our collegez schools studies jobs friends. Well i am not an ideal daughter not even close so i wont judge you. But yes i dont  mind taking out one day even just for the sake of it n spend it with my parents and tell them how much they mean to me.

So yup Valentine’s Day, Mothers day Father’s Day, No special day but i just “feel like a princess day” Every such day is a Yaaay Yaaay Yaaay 4 me . And it shall be for you too.

If your married spend it with your better half. Refresh your love. Its good to tell each other sometimes how much you mean. How much you care and how much the next matters to you.

If your single, well friends and family arent any less lovables are they? I miss celebrating valentine’s Day with my friends back in school days and i still beleive those were one of the most memorable ones. Or Just make your parents hop in the Car with you and take them out Tell them how much you love them and that they will b your first Valentine Always.

Enjoy the Little things in life. Find reason to be happy. To spread love, to get love. To celebrate life with people who make everyday a special day.

Author: Zaine Shiekh


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