Valentine’s Americana by kanwal Umar

I spent almost every morning inside the much-loved Café Beans, and loved it for its every detail, for its every imperfection. Every beautifully mismatched piece of antique furniture, every perfectly chipped piece of paint on the wall, every little hand-touched work of art, every little treasure hidden over there. When you come across a place that’s just overflowing with uniqueness, with character, with happiness, you never want to leave. This is the type of place where one can spend an entire day. And so one does just that.

Walking in the café was not about its interior, it was to wait for someone who I met a year ago. This day ‘February 14th’. While the world celebrated it with their loved ones, we sat sipping on Americana talking about the cheesy red tradition. He told me how he was dumped a few days before valentine. And so was I. We both were on the same frequency. For a minute I thought probably he’s the one who I have been searching for. We shared about our lives, ups and downs. What if life wouldn’t have been so cruel to us? What if we were together? What if….?

365 days! 365 Americana’s! Just for a stranger, who I thought could be my soulmate. What kind of love was this? Love at first sight? I was never a girl who wanted to get bound with relationships. But there was something…

Those red balloons popped filled with red glitters and stars. I ran my fingers through my blonde curls. As I turned, there he stood there buttoned up.

“Is it a co-incidence?” he smiled.

“I don’t think so.” I knew my wait was over.

“Same day! A year ago.” He said as he walked towards me.

We hugged. Butterflies flied giving me an adrenaline rush. Heart pounded. I had to tell him how long it had been. I wanted to speak my heart out. But before I could say anything he interrupted..

“Oh Lauren! Meet my wife Riya.” as he turned, a red head, short heighted woman was standing gazing at us.

“We got married last month.”

It took me a few seconds to come back to my senses. Gather my strength to congratulate them. I rushed out of the café for fresh air. Probably it was time to give up on Americana’s.

Author: Kanwal Umar

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