Top 7 Inexpensive Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching and couples start reaching into their pockets. But Valentine’s gifts don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. Below are 7 inexpensive ways to show your loved one how much you care.

01 : Coupons

Make your loved one their own personal coupons. Show how well you know them by including everything they love; a free coffee, their pick cinema trip, or perhaps something a bit naughty…

02 : Drawing

An idea for the artistic lovers out there. Draw your loved one a picture. Complete the gift with a frame. This is something you can keep for years to come.

03 : Poem

If you’re an articulate type, why not try writing your loved one a poem. Get it printed in a nice font and finish it off with a frame. Once again something you can treasure.

04 : Artificial Flower

Begin a tradition and buy your loved one an artificial flower each year. Eventually they will own their very own bouquet representing the years spent together.

05 : Picnic

Gather together all your loved one’s favourite foods and take them on a romantic picnic. If the weather turns bad, get cozy on your living room floor. The food will taste nice either way.

06 : Home Cinema

Find a sentimental flick or a new release you missed in the cinema. Grab your favourite popcorn and other cinema snacks. Pull the sofa close to the TV. Turn down the lights. Snuggle up to your loved one. You could even go all out and try to make homemade slushies. You can find popcorn boxes on Amazon.

07 : Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles are really simple to make and cheap to source. Most of the basic recipes only require 3 ingredients; and then any additional flavourings or coatings. Add the finishing touch by finding an old chocolate box (trust me, she has one hoarded somewhere). Here’s an easy recipe to get you started: Chocolate Truffle Recipe

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day.And if your one of the single pringles out there… TREAT YOURSELF! Get those new earrings you wanted; you know you want to.



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