Thinking Outside The Chocolate Box

There’s plenty of reasons to celebrate this day of love and admiration differently than just your significant other.

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Some people don’t mind it, others enjoy it, and then there are the perpetually negative people who hate the holiday for various reasons. Whether it’s a bitter taste left in their mouth from their previous relationship or believing that the holiday was solely made because of corporate greed, there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate this day of love and admiration differently than just your significant other.

For Your Family And Friends

This shouldn’t be a surprise but for some, it is. You can totally celebrate with your family and your friends! Host a Galentine’s brunch with your besties and drink bottomless mimosas. Take your parents out to a good movie and let them get the big popcorn and ICEES. Bring your kids to an arcade and let them run free. Learn to love those who are in your life right now, not an ex who “promised” to be in your life 4ever. They will appreciate you taking your time to be with them and make memories along the way.

For Your Pets

Who’s a good boy? Your four-legged friends of course! Buy them that special treat that you’ve always wanted to buy for them, get them a new toy and play with them for a while, take them to the groomers to get pampered and beautiful. Our furry friends only have us in their life, so let’s make it the best for them!

For You

We can’t forget the most important reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day! You! Take the day to really treat yourself and buy that awesome dress, eat at a fancy restaurant and try a little of everything, take the time to learn about yourself and do whatever makes you happy. Maybe it’s taking pictures of the clouds or writing in your journal, this day is meant for you. As mother Ru would say, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love anybody else?”


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