Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids and Toddlers by Darci Thompson

Whenever holidays approach, I try to find ways for us to participate as a family even if it’s something small. I absolutely love doing crafts with my almost 4 year old daughter. She’s at that age now where she likes to do things independently and just likes me there for guidance. I love watching her deep in thought as she tries to figure out a solution or while she’s completely zoned into her creative side.

While I love doing projects with her, like all those cute painted hand and footprint crafts on Pinterest, it’s also nice to sit her down with a task that keeps her focus. We all need to escape for a few moments of down time, whether it’s to just sit, scroll on facebook, or maybe finish a chore in peace.

I found a few Valentine’s Day crafts that look like a lot of fun. A couple they can do on their own, and a couple to do together. Hope you enjoy, and let’s see pictures if you try them out!

Valentine’s Tree

This is one that may need supervised or assistance depending on your child’s age. But how adorable! You can start by either tracing the arm and filling it in with paint or paint directly into the arm and make a print. Then, use little ones thumb prints to create the heart ‘leaves’.

Beaded Necklaces

This one is something they can do on their own and have fun creating their own patterns and styles. You can use heart shaped buttons, and a variety of beads. This idea can really go so many ways, a keychain, book marks, or jewellery. My daughter enjoys stringing beads onto pipe cleaners, then she can shape them however she wants and you don’t have to worry about the yarn fraying at the ends.

Blowing Kisses

Okay, another one that needs a little more of your assistance, but come on, these are adorable! Get a white canvas, have them paint it a solid color (or tie dye style!), take their picture, cut and glue it, then cut hearts out of scrap book paper for them to glue on with a glue stick. This could be a great gift for grandparents or family!

Paper Plate Yarn Hearts

This does require a little preping on your part, but after that they can have fun on their own. Buy colored paper plates, or have them paint a white one! Cut a heart out of the middle, punch some holes, give them a yarn needle with some yarn and let them get creative! This technique can be used for more than just Valentine’s day and can help them learn the concept of sewing.

We will be trying these out, and what’s great is we have most of the stuff needed already! If you have any go to crafts that you and your children enjoy, I would love to hear about them!

Author: Darci Thompson


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