Simple Date Night Ideas by Jade.

January went on for what felt like forever and February already feels like it’s whizzing past! With Valentine’s Day approaching I thought I would share some date night ideas that can be both fun and affordable to spend with your loved ones.
Go out for a meal – I know sometimes we woud all rather stay in with a takeaway but I definetely think it is so nice to get all dressed up and go out for a nice meal. It’s definetely a nice treat that you can both enjoy and doesn’t have to be too expensive either depending on where you go. So girls get out that new dress or skirt you’ve been wanting to wear since you bought it and let someone else do the cooking for you both!
Have a cosy night in – Takeaway : Check! Netflix series to binge watch : Check! With mine and my boyfriends experience I know you definetely don’t always have to go out to have a nice time. We mostly spend our weekends having chilled nights at home and its just nice to be in eachothers company.
Go Bowling – Who doesn’t love bowling?! Even if you are really bad at it and the only time you have ever got a strike is when playing it on Wii Sports it is just so much fun. It’s something different to do and doesn’t cost too much either.

Cook a meal together – Cooking from scratch can definetely be more fun if you have someone to help you do it! It’s a fun way of spending some quality time together and can also be a great way of trying new food

Go to the Cinema – I forget how much I love the cinema, being a student aswell they usually have discounted ticket prices too. Also don’t forget the pick n mix sweet sections, it’s worth going for that alone!

Have a pamper night – Even if it’s just giving each other a massage, it’s the perfect way to relax when you’re together…even if you do have to look up YouTube videos of how to give a good massage!

Have a baking night – I don’t think there’s anything better than making some amazing brownies and having that smell from taking them out the oven!

Go for a drink – Im sure wherever you are there are so many places that you can go and try out, pick somewhere new and go spend a lovely evening together.
Those are just a few ways you could spend an evening together.

What’s your perfect idea of date night?

Author: Jade


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