Restaurant Review: 25″55 burger Dubai by Aysha Ali

I have been away lately as you know being a mommy is never easy,it’s a full time job especially when you have a challenging teenager & the other one being the boss baby of the house.They make sure mommy is on her toes all the time, from helping them in homework assignments to making arrangments about their Food tech & Art projects….. sigh but at the end everything works out well.One thing that I am happy about is that they are foodies like me too & are interested in cooking as well atleast I well get few days, weeks or months(wink wink)   off from cooking once they take over the kitchen. It’s not that I haven’t tried any new restaurants in these few months…… list is long & before it starts pilling up here I am with a mouthwatering Review.

I would call it a Hidden Gem…….one lazy evening  I was craving for some good comfort food & while searching on the map I saw this name 25″55.The Name is catchy at first i thought they are some sort of directions turned out it was true these are the actual geographic coordinates of the location ,I was surprised to see this funky open air resturant hidden in Mizhar. Later on came to know that they have a branch in Kite beach too.The Decor is wonderful so lively with some hihop music playing in the background.All of sudden the lazy me was charged up.It’s a small place  with ample seating though,the light bulbs hanging all around the place gives the Oomph effect.

Now coming to the Food the best part 🙂 I loved it…..all the things that we ordered were delicious. We ordered Chicken doritoz  as per the name they had actual dorito bites in them along with the chicken they were very good,juicy & the spice level was just perfect,I love their concept of serving sliders instead of  one whole burger which usually  gets messy to eat & this way they seem to be more fulfilling  .Hubby being the red meat eater(actual carnivore :P)oreded their famous Black Attack & he loved it.

The Grilled Chicken burger was okiesh though they need to work on this one.The Fries are sold separately which for me is usually a turn off as I love whole combo sort of meals but this only matters if the taste is usually not good but in this case the flame cheez fries were absolutely fingerlicking good.

The Pink Lemonade was tangy & had this fresh feeling so that you don’t feel heavy.

The cherry on top was the Lotus Ice-cream….. me not being an Ice-cream fan yup you read it right I don’t like ice-creams at all totally fell in love with this one.

So to sum it all up a perfect place to go with your friends at night especially during the winters.Meal for two costs around dhs100-120.A must visit place for people who Love burgers.

Author: Aysha Ali

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