Movie Review: Padmavat ( an amazing love story) by Mehak Abbas

Skipping all the controversies that have been doing the rounds and the debates on what message the movie depicts, let me tell you, the movie is all about sheer class. To begin, being a typical girl my eyes at first were glued at the costume and jewelry which was pretty charming and fitted in so well with the Mughal period (reminded me of how I went bonkers over Deepika’s outfit in Bajirao Mastani).

The sets were splendidly built; very fascinating I must say, in fact watching the sets absorbs so well within you that one would feel being pulled into that era.

I’d probably not even have the right set of words to express my comments on how magnificently the star cast has acted but let me give it a try for the main 3 characters:

Shahid Kapoor – His role is the least in terms of character portrayal. We all know how brilliantly he pulled off in his past movies like Kaminey, Haider, Udtaa Punjab and the kind of impact he can create with strong characters. Unfortunately, the character he played did not have a lot to offer (in comparison to the latter) Nevertheless, he pulls off brilliantly what he has been asked for to portray as a Rajput king.

Deepika Padukone – She is so mesmerizing! As always she creates an intense influence with flawless acting skills. In the past decade, she has created a place for herself in the fraternity and that is undoubtedly because of that gaze of hers which is remarkably intense when she delivers her dialogue. Wait. Is it just me or does everyone get their eyes glued on to hers when it’s her turn to deliver her dialogue? ❤ Putting the controversial matters aside, she speaks as an influential woman of an era, when women did not have much to rule or command other than their palace matters. She portrays of a strong woman who has an abundant balance of beauty with brains.

Ranveer Singh – I saw the trailer and fell for him months ago. I still remember watching Band Baja Barat and upon Ranveer Singh’s entry I said in my head “aj kal koi bhi uth k actor banjata hai”. As the movie ended I corrected my words in my head “My my he’s so good in the first movie, who cares if he looks like that”. I can “guarantee” neither of the above is close to the level of performance Ranveer Singh has given. Though there may be a lot of contradictions on the character he personified as he has pulled off the character in the most extraordinary manner. I don’t think I will be forgetting this character for the next few years. I can probably write 10 pages on how dominating and spectacular Ranveer Singh has performed, but I can bet if watched with a neutral mindset ignoring the historical character of Alauddin Khilji, you will fall short of words to describe the stunning performance by Ranveer Singh.

The movie is clean and okay to take your kids/or go with your family. Drool-worthy bodies of the 2 hunks ❤

Throughout the movie I only waited for 2 moments; for Deepika to not go off-screen, and for Ranveer to come on screen (that should pretty much explain how both characters will keep you glued to the movie)

Warm regards

Author: Mehak A

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