So after my rant about Why I Hate Valentines Day I decided I should put my money where my mouth is and I’ve come up with this list of simple ideas for how to be romantic the other 364 days of the year.

*** Warning** Attempting any of these on 14th February will NOT be romantic*

1. Stick a note on the bathroom mirror/fridge/toilet seat– Simple but the perfect way to set your loved one off on a fab day. It doesn’t have to be a Shakespearean sonnet…just a simple ‘I love you fuck face’ is enough to let them know you care.

2. Cook a surprise 3 course meal in the middle of the week– No one enjoys that Groundhog day rut of the weekday evening routine. So why wait until Saturday night to make a date. Surprise your other half with a mid week ‘house date’ to really catch them off guard and, if you’re lucky, maybe give new meaning to mid-week hump.

3. Recreate your first date– There’s nothing more romantic than being reminded of the time when love was new and exciting. However you might want to swerve this if your first date involved a drunken fingering in a kebab shop followed by vomming on his/her parents bathroom floor.

4. Make a goody bag of their favourite things-  Think you know your other half well? Then prove it. Making a care package of their favourite things is a winner in the romance game. I’m not talking raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens (that would be weird) but the simpler the better. For example Barrs Raspberryade, peanut butter, a copy of Vogue and incense sticks would win my heart everytime.

5. Write a love letter and post it – It’s well documented that I am a lover of the written word. Nothing says ‘I made the effort’ like actually sitting down with an old school pen and paper. It’s so much more romantic than a Whatsapp message or a naughty Snapchat. Plus if you actually take it one step further and buy a stamp (where does one even get one of those these days?) and post it then it really will have the element of surprise.

6. Hide a present somewhere and make clues to help find them- A little treasure hunt is the perfect way to make your other half feel special. Not only does it show you thought about them for at least the 10 minutes it took to write the clues but it’s also good fun too. Hint: putting a bow on your bits and passing yourself off as the present is just going to be a let down after all that hype.

7. Let them have a lie in– Perhaps the easiest and, for some busy bees, the most amazing. If your other half is someone who is always on the go then actually being told to take some time for themselves shows real thoughtfulness and that’s the easiest way to be romantic. Giving them a lie in, running them a bath….or just leaving them to be alone for a few hours….whatever it is that puts your loved ones needs before your own is definitely scoring romance points.

8. Bring flowers to them- for no reason– It’s the oldest symbol of romance there is but if it’s done the right way then it’s still a winner. The key is walking that fine line between element of surprise and looking guilty. Picking up a bunch of cheap carnations on the way home from a late night at work just screams affair. But hand picking a few pretty wild flowers while walking the dog or coming back from the shops with a surprise bunch of their favourite flowers is old skool romance. It’s not just one for the blokes either- I once bought my fella flowers and that definitely caught him off guard (and also confused the shit out of him too).

9. Make a mix tape– The ultimate 90s declaration of love still has a place in are cold post-millenium hearts. Although these days it is more likely to be a Spotify playlist or usb stick that we use to romance the ears of our lovers. This means it’s even easier than ever.

10. Plan a surprise trip– This doesn’t have to mean jetting off on a fancy break to Paris. Or even a weekend in a hot tub in the Lakes. Just a spontaneous day trip to somewhere new can be enough to shake up life and remind you both how fun you are. If you need inspiration then have a look at this awesome list of Days Out for Couples from Visit


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