It’s that time of the year again ladies, and shockingly, i’m single! (hopefully you could feel the sarcasm in that statement) But, I am not alone. Alas, I have comprised a short list of things you could do with your gal pals on the infamous day of love. I plan on doing at least one of these when the 14th comes (i’ll make sure to document it), but I would love to see if any of you guys do anything! Feel free to tag me on any of your pics with your ride or dies and i’ll show them on my insta story! Happy Galentine’s Day, y’all!!!

1. Go See A Movie!

My girlfriends and I for the past two years have always gone to see 50 Shades of Grey on (or near) Valentine’s Day. Make a new tradition with your gals! There are so many good romantic films being released that you could definitely go see! …And it gives you a good excuse to indulge in all the popcorn you can fit in your mouth.

2. Dress Up and Go To A Fancy Dinner

I don’t know about you, but I love when all my friends come over to my house and get ready together. I think it’s such a nice bonding moment! Take this holiday to show off your “date(s).” Who says you need a boyfriend to go on dates? Though you may be surrounded by other couples in the restaurant, enjoy your night with your babes! Maybe make an ice cream run afterwards and have a sleepover!

3. Have a “Spa Night”

It doesn’t even have to be Valentine’s Day to do this, but just treat yourself. Make a nice bath, throw in a bath bomb, and light some candles while relaxing in a cooling face mask. Read a book or watch a Netflix rom-com while just celebrating YOU. Go beforehand and grab some chocolate and devour yourself in a few bites of deliciousness, too! Valentine’s Day is just about love, so why not love yourself? We are independent women who don’t need no man to complete us! *insert sassy emoji*

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