Valentines day is a mixed bag! It creates a sense of something being missing for singles and for those who are coupled up, it can bring joy!

We are familiar with Valentine’s Day, of course. But what about Galentine’s Day? it’s a time to gather your girls and toast another year of friendship because not everyone that is partnered up has a romantic spouse. To be quite honest most women can feel a little deflated when there are zero romantic gestures thrown their way at Valentine’s, no matter what kind of brave face they put on!

being single on Valentines Day is far more of a blessing than being in an abusive relationship. Your friends may appear full of romance but the reality may be somewhat different that’s why I decided to write about this idea for us girls. That would encourage us to celebrate Galentines.

The best part about Galentine’s Day is it can be as low-key or fancy as you want. You know your ladies best, so plan out some activities that will be fun for everyone

Remember, your love and appreciation for your girls should not only be celebrated once a year. Find ways throughout the year to show appreciation for your female friendships. Even texts, written notes or small personal gestures and favors go a long way.

Have a Nice Galentine with your girls and amazing Valentines with your man!

So what do you think of this issue? what do you like and what is missing? Let us know and we will try to deliver it in our forthcoming issues. you can email us at dubaisocialdiaries@gmail.com

Sonia Kamran


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