Dressing up for this one special day might be a bit cliché for some but many woman do it. Whether you choose to go with a sexy, sweet or flirty look for your Valentine’s Day plans it’s important to enjoy the moment with the one you love.

some ladies love red or pink on Valentine’s Day, but for those who prefer making a more subtle statement – white is always a classic option.

The Valentine’s theme of this outfit is romantic and cute. The combination of this Mini length bodycon dress with long mesh sleeves, crew neckline in a sequin finish with beautiful earrings and the stunning silver heels truly plays off of the Valentine’s day theme.

Author: Sonia Kamran

Model: Tatiana Zalomova

photographer: Ayaz Sheikh ,Amara Chaudhry.

makeup : Tatiana Zalomova

dress : isawitfirst.me

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