Why Me?

Every now and than right in the middle of a blooming road life gives you a dark steep turn. Unexpected and unexplainable. And right there your victim card shows itself saying why me.

Well herez why you.

When you were at the highway on your own speed someone didn’t have an access to the road even.

When you wanted it, it wasn’t to bring you happiness in the long run. It must have taken something real huge and necceasary from you.

When you were all happy and busy in celebrating life, you forgot to thank for small little things, you think you earned but they weren’t even what you deserved. But they were there for you but you weren’t noticing.

Well sadly When life takes a dark turn. That is when you think of all the happiness, acheivments all the sparkles of your life. Which were there always…. But we were busy in striving and wishing for more.

But i beleive that one steep turn will make you stronger morally,spirtually and mentally. You always get out of it stronger. You just got to deal with it in the proper way.

So all my gals and boys. Don’t Question why me?, Answer this why me by your strength, your prayers and your people. Be with people who bring you strength in both the best and worst days of your life. And you shall be just fine Coz “this too shall pass”

Happy Living



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