Take care of your Crown!

Alia: Momma I want hair like Rapunzel, long, silky and shiny.

Me: well as long as you don’t let any “Prince” climb up with the help of your long,shiny and silky hair.

Well this conversation took me back to my childhood when I had the exact same conversation with my mom, and guess what she said the same thing about the “Prince” to  me as well. Things a mother says.

My mom did a lot for my hair, and thanks to her I have amazing hair today. One weekend there would be egg whites on my hair and other weekend it would be egg mixed with yoghurt, this would then be rubbed into my scalp in order to achieve long, silky and shiny hair.

And not to forget Oil champi. Oil Champi is basically heaps of Oil being rubbed into my scalp and keeping it over night.

I make sure that I oil my hair at least 2-3 times in a month. And so far I love these two. I mix them together and apply them on my scalp and a little on my ends. And they smell amazing. Full points for these two. I use the same on my Daughters hair as well.

Over the years I have abused my hair a lot. A lot of maddening colors, a lot of products which resulted in me having dead hair. But then I met this really amazing and sweet lady who now is my hair stylist and she has got my hair back to life. She has magic in her hands. But just she doing treatments on you isn’t enough, one also has to pay attention to the post color treatment. I always buy the products that my stylists asks me to buy coz really no one knows my hair the way she knows. I get my hair colored twice a year and do an organic keratin treatment. The keratin lasts for good 4-5 months.

I use the Dove range on my daughter and her hair have always been good. I have no complains against Dove. Its magic on her hair.

The scalp should be thoroughly rinsed with shampoo, and the shampoo should be applied only to the scalp, which will then reach the ends when you keep rubbing your scalp. The conditioner should be applied only to the ends, and then finally at the end after towel drying your hair apply a small amount of serum. The serum should be applied to the ends and the mid portion of the hair never to the scalp. Always apply serum if your going to blow dry your hair, it helps keep the hair protected against the heat.

Once a week, make it a habit to apply a mask to your hair after the shampoo. Apply the mask and then wrap your hair with a heated towel, keep it wrapped for about 15mins. This will restore the shine and make your hair soft and smooth. The day you apply mask there is no need to apply conditioner. You can also use the mask as the conditioner, thats what I do. There is no harm in doing that, plus this way it will also be light on the pocket.

I love blow drying my hair, and I use the Philips roller brush dryer it works like magic. It gives this amazing volume and shine to my hair. It looks as if I have gotten a professional blow dry done.

This one comes with two rollers, I usually use the big one, the one that is more of a brush kind. It gives the perfect blow dried look.

I don’t usually use hair sprays, but the times that I do, these two are the ones I use. Syoss has come out with the new keratin one and the other one is L’Oreal Elnett Satin. Both of them smell amazingly good, and have super hold yet feel light on the head. Its a win win situation.

Your hair is your Crown, so please do take care of them. No compromise when it comes to hair care.

Author: Aisha Ahmed


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