Star of the Month Humaira asghar ali 

There are a few people who come to mind as talented and multi-skilled as Humaira Asghar Ali. Making her name in the Pakistan Industry in the field of modelling, she plans to pursue acting in the future.

Humaira Asghar Ali is among top Pakistani actresses and models, she is bold, confident and skilled in her profession of showbiz and models. She is also a designer, painter & sculptor. She has been associated with Sufi Tabbasam Acadamy, Rafi Peer Theater Festivals and workshop, CAD (college of art & design) & Alhamra Arts council. Humaira Asghar Ali has also worked in theater plays, Mimes and theater management all across Pakistan. She has been in showbiz since 2002.

Model: Humaira asghar ali 
Photographer: Kashif Rashid 
Wardrobe: Mango & ZARA (Pakistan & UK London)
(Instagram): HumairaAsgharAli
(Instagram: KashifRashid

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