Today I’m going to be showing you what I gave my secret Santa and what I got too! Me and my friends did it amongst us and it wasn’t very successful in the fact that most of us found out who had who by the time it actually came to exchanging the gifts. Nonetheless, it’s something we love doing!

We did have a budget but no one really follows the budget but we had two rules in that there must be an advent calendar included and that there must a ‘novelty’ Christmas gift included. We all had the same gift bag too so it’d be harder to guess who had who!


So let’s begin with what I gave to my friend. The friend who I had isn’t into makeup and whatnot so it did prove a tad difficult buying things for her but I got the job done! First things first, the advent calendar! My friend is obsessed with Minions so I obviously had to get her a Minion advent calendar. Novelty gifts were hard to buy as well because we had pretty much all bought the standard snow globe and light up Santa’s last year for our secret Santa so this year I saw this fairy light phone cable and I actually love it.

I also got her some phone accessories because she had wanted both of these things for the longest of times so it was just obvious that I had to buy her these! I got her a pop socket and a portable charger, both of which are blue as that is her favourite colour!

I got her this magnetic face mask as she had expressed her interest in it so again, it was natural for me to buy it for her. Can I just say, they’re not the easiest things to acquire as hardly any websites sell them! However, she really liked this and I received about ten videos of her demonstrating it to me haha.

We’re university students so stationery is an essential for us so I had to pick up a few bits for her. She isn’t into the whole aesthetically pleasing stationery, the way I am so I just strayed away from the whole marble thing. I got her this notebook which really reminds me of her if I’m honest haha. I also picked up this mini stationery set which is just the cutest thing ever, I need to go buy one for myself! I also got her this diamond pen as she really liked mine but obviously had to get it in the blue colour for her!

Lastly, I picked her up some strawberry jellies as she loves jellies and these strawberries are delicious and this was a last minute purchase, hence why the background of the pic is different but it’s a Minion coin bank and as I mentioned, she loves the Minions!

So that was all I got my friend, I’m glad she really liked everything and even though I found it hard initially, I think I did okay!


My friend, that had me last year, had me again this year and she did an amazing job, yet again! It’s safe to say she knows me really well, everything she got me was marble and copper themed as that is my aesthetic because I’m a basic blogger.

My advent calendar was a Milkybar one, I love white chocolate so she definitely made the right choice. I wouldn’t really say her novelty gift was Christmas themed but she did pick it up from the Christmas section but I couldn’t care less because I love it! I have so many little hanging signs around my room and this one is ceramic and it’s gorgeous.

Oh my gosh, I am so in love with the next item. I feel like it’s every marble lover’s dream come true, it’s so aesthetically pleasing and I can’t wait to write in it! It’s literally perfect and I love the rose gold pencil it comes with! It’s this notebook that is marble and pink and it’s beautiful.

Keeping in line with the copper theme, I got this clock and it’s so minimal and I LOVE IT. It looks so nice in my room as it goes well the theme I have going on and it’s perfect! I don’t think you can set an alarm on it but it looks good so I’m willing to overlook that.

Can we talk about how perfect this is?? I can’t believe her dedication to the copper and marble theme. She got me this marble copper mouse mat and I was so in need of  mouse mat and I had just seen one in The Range and I resisted the urge to buy it so it was just fate that she got me this!

She also spoilt me by getting me this gorgeous copper stapler and it’s so nice, it looks great next to all my other copper things! In addition to that, she got me two packs of these copper ball fairy lights because I love fairy lights, I think they make any dull space look amazing and my room is full of them! Lastly, she got me two packs of my all time favourite sweets and if you haven’t tried these then you should go try them right now!

So that’s all for this post! Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’ve had a great day today and I hope you enjoyed this post as it’s a bit different to my other posts. Leave me a comment telling me if you enjoyed it and if you’re doing secret Santa this year too!

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