Restaurant Review: FALLA DUBAI

Falla is a casual dinning hidden gem,serving some real flavorful food with unique presentation.

The interior is quirky with a lot of attention to detail. The wall decorz are amazing. Love their arabic inspired male and female chairs.

The service here is quick and corteous. Your order is made upto every detail you provide.

The food quantity is total value for money. And the flavours are on point.

The appetizer menu includes loaded fries,shrimps and corn on the cob with a falla touch you will hv to try to know it.

The main includes alot of variety from pastaz to burgers and sliders. Alfredo Pasta is creamy and not at all bland like usual white sauce pastaz. The squid ink burgers were a pleasant surprise with a smokey taste but real soft and juicy texture. Everything here is basic but with a unique taste and presentation.

When it comes to desserts falla follows the same rule of focusing on the quality and presentation instead of quantity.

Me being a red velvet fan absolutely loved the Red Velvet Churros. The churros were a little on the choco saltish side which was a perfect match to the sweet, lucious cream and melted chocolate it was served with. But thats not all you can try any of their desserts and you will love it.

My favourite here so far are:

1. Smokey Jar Fries.

2. Falla Spicy Burger.

3. Alfredo Pasta.

4. Korn Cheetos.

5. Smokey Trouble Burger.

Well I have recently discovered falla. But it has a become an often go to place because of the great tastes and service. You just cant miss this place. Go eat and enjoy. You can thank me later

Location:City Walk

Umm suqeim


Happy Eating



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