How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

The natural course of marriage is downstream,even the best marriages will get stuck in too much distance or too much blame.

You can be the one to change it first.It can only take one to make things a lot better.Today I am gonna share some of the essential tips which can help to lead a healthier relationship.


Many people value criticism at a very early stage of a relationship.When you have a criticism,make it in few sentences or less.One should remember no one can survive in marriage (at least not happily)if they feel more judged .

2-Positive Comments :

Make at least two positive comments everyday to your partner and speak to the specifics about what you admire.

3-Be self -focused :

Connect with friends and family,pursue your own interests and than at the same time you will be less focused on your partner in a worried or critical way.


You can say I am sorry for my part of the problem,even if you are secretly convinced that you are less to be blamed.

5-Don’t Demand An Apology :

Don’t get into a tug of war about your partners failure to apologize.Just accept it in whatever form it is offered.

6-Overcome Your Listening Disorder:

Whole heartedly listening is the greatest spiritual gift you can give to your partner.Listen only to understand,without interrupting or counter punching.

7-Say it Shorter :

A partner may avoid conversation because it feels awful to him.Slow down your speech,turn down the volume and lower the intensity as you talk.

8-Exit A Conversation:

When you are on the receiving end of rude or demanding treatment you can say “I am giving myself a time out from this conversation,I am here to listen when you can talk to me calmly and with respect “.

9-Knowing your partner:

It is comfortable and cozy when two people know everything about each other but we are more likely to be drawn to a partner who has connections and a passion for life outside the relationship.So the more passionate you are outside for your life ,the more zest you will find within it.

10-Work On Relationships :

Become a good questioner about your family history,observe and change your part in family patterns.You will stand more firmly with your partner if you navigate family of origin relationships with more creativity.

Picks 2 or 3 rules initially from above and stick to them.I am sure it will bring a vast improvement in your relationship.


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