The cold season is here so it’s about time to dust off your entire winter wardrobe. I got excited and started wearing coats, sweaters and boots a little earlier, but you know, the weather kept changing, so I had no choice. Other than that, I really enjoy experimenting with different outerwear, but that’s no secret. After all, I am a hoarder and I couldn’t resist not adding this Boohoo checked coat to my collection.

This is my first Boohoo purchase and I am pretty excited with the two items I got. The coat fits just fine and it’s also roomy enough for wearing it with a chunky sweater underneath. Tried it with a sweater too, but today I wore it with an oversized hoodie. Edgy looks are definitely my thing, so I had lots of fun mixing masculine and feminine pieces into an outfit. The over the knee boots and the burgundy ladybug bag balanced the outfit and turned it into a cool looking one. And in case you were wondering, yes, I was wearing shorts underneath all those layers. How do you like it?



I’m wearing: Boohoo checked coat (here)Boohoo hoodie (here)Pull&Bear shirt (similar here)Isla Fontaine bag (here)Ego boots (here)H&M earrings (similar here) | Mango sunglasses (similar here)

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