EM Talks! Movie Review: Justice League

Justice League may not be great, but it registers as OK. Everybody knows DC has struggled to achieve the same level of critical acclaim and fan enthusiasm with their movies that Marvel has enjoyed. Everybody knows Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a huge creative disappointment. And everybody knows there’s pressure to prove they can create a cinematic universe that delivers something special.

The good news is that Justice League is a big step up from Batman v Superman. The bad news is that it’s also a big step down from Wonder Woman.

Justice League, which brings together a quintet of superheroes (Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman) can be judged decent by current standards and it certainly represents an improvement over the somber and self-serious Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

The resultant movie isn’t nearly as dark as Batman v Superman and pretty much functions as a foundation for the next installment, as well as a lively introduction to several superheroes who are new to the big screen.

Early stages of the story involve Batman’s attempts to assemble a crew to fight Steppenwolf, a villain in horned-helmet who’s trying to gather three mysterious boxes so that he can unleash their power and bring about the apocalypse.

Gadot, who earlier this year established Wonder Woman as one of the best comic-book franchises, acquits herself well as a member of the emerging Justice League. Equally engaging is Ezra Miller, who has been given the lion’s share of the movie’s wisecracks. Another welcome presence, Momoa turns Aquaman into a tattooed rogue whose attitude ranges from casual to cynical.

The script picks up at the end of Superman’s death and the only exception is that Aquaman and Flash are genuinely great.

Jason Momoa’s debut as Aquaman is not done any favors by the special effects team, nor is Ezra Miller’s Flash, who’s speediness is treated visually as if it’s entirely a  matter of static electricity. Happily, his patter is also speedy, and he gets plenty of self-deprecating laugh lines.

Justice League is however the same old storyline we see in superhero films and does not do itself justice.

Rating – 3/5

Warm regards

Mehak A

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