Breaking the stereotypes!

So it had to start with the typical stereotypes set by our society  they have assigned us with some social norms which most of us disagree. As times change so is the mindset of an individual change but the stereotypes remains the same!!

Well I am not particularly having an opinion about sexism but yes it does exist! I have a very own sexist at my home . Yeah well it is obvious that after getting  married the whole burden of the household falls on the wife and men are supposed  to work or I  ll put it this way they are the breadwinner!! So this recent issue made me write this!!! I want some answers here do all men are happy with their wife’s success?  or may be they ll be initially happy but slowly  the insecurities tend to rise and there are constant conflicts.

I think these stereotypes have a lot of impact on us and our lives we are not able to digest a fact that MEN ARE EQUALLY “RESPONSIBLE” for the household chores the burden on wife is meant to be shared. But no it is the gender stereotying which has led to this not only this but it is true that  men still think women cannot achieve anything we are like a nobody they easily  say cook at home what else we do !!! Even if we are housewife we have hell a lot of burden on us we take care of everything but neglect ourselves!!! Lack of appreciation  makes us feel useless and disappointed.

Nevertheless women are still attacked by our society  no matter even if we reach the stars there is always a loophole for us in this society.


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