10 Simple Things for a Happy ME….

We tend to be busy 365 days of the year. There are many hassles, ups and downs in everyone’s life, be it personal, professional or anything else. Most of the time we stress ourselves to an extent that we simply forget to live our life happily even forgetting to smile.

It’s never too late to step forward and change the way of thinking and living our life. Who does not like to be happy? Well I LOVE to be happy and always happy! But situations, circumstance might not always lead to happier moments which are out of our control at times, isn’t it? There are actions we can take to amp up our good vibes. Who said it’s always about big things to make you happy, small things which we tend to ignore actually are boosters of our happier moments.

Let’s just jump into the 10 simple things that according to me are important for Happy ME:

• SMILE: Always carry a smile on your face. It’s an inexpensive and prettiest thing you can always wear. It makes you look good (if you don’t believe me just try it! Stand in front of the mirror and see it yourself)

• Let go Things: It’s always good to let go things, instead of keeping it in your heart and living with all the negativity which hinders your happiness. It is difficult but not impossible, try it!

• Stay Positive: Be thankful and grateful for everything in life. Thinking positively changes the aspects on how you look at things.  It’s important! Trust me you will start feeling light and enjoy happiness in small things then.

• Have Some Me Time: This is the best thing I have experienced, where you are away from all your social media, mobile and gadgets. It can be taking hot showers with some good music, a spa or may be a cup of coffee in your balcony gazing the stars.

• Treat yourself often: Oh! You’re going to love it, I am telling you! Buying for self is the best self-satisfaction and happiness you can ever have. Be it a thing that you have long wanted, or anything new that caught your sight – get it and enjoy it….

• Do not Expect: Stop expecting from people. It’s always said when expectations aren’t met you are hurt. Why do you have to hurt yourself, you are good enough for yourself. When you stop expecting you get more realistic and you are a happy go lucky one…

• Stop Comparing Yourself: You are different; you have things that were especially meant for you. You cannot be wearing a mask of someone else and living their life. Focusing on the things that you have accomplished is more productive.

• Break the Nutshell: Try something new, taste new cuisine, wear some different perfume at times, come out of your comfort zone. This will make you happy as you will be curious in trying things. At times your experience may turn out to be weird but you will remember it.

• Say Thank you: It’s a good gesture, often we miss out saying it when in rush to the people who are our day to day helpers/supporters.

• Help Someone: Often offer help to someone in need. You might not know by helping someone will bring smile on their face but also give you inner peace. Be the angel in someone’s life, you will live this feeling for ever.

Above all, Meditate every once in a while and rejuvenate your soul.  Never let your dignity in anyone’s hand, your self-esteem is most important and must be valued!

Try implementing some if not all of the above gradually and see how you feel…….

Stay happy and confident about yourself! Remember, You must be Your favourite to become someone’s favourite.

That’s a wrap, until next……

Author: Fatma Ahmad



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