In Conversation with Nadia Sadiqque CEO of Dubai’s Top Event Company The BoxOffice Events!

As CEO and founder of BOX OFFICE EVENTS A corporate event planner Nadia Siddiqui has created memorable moments for top companies by organizing perfect events for them.

Nadia talked to Dubai Social Diaries recently and shared her tips for making any event a success, while also revealing a little more about the business of a corporate event planner. 

Find out how Nadia took her passion for Event planning and turned it into a successful event planning business!

SONIA: Hi Nadia! Welcome to Dubai Social Diaries, please tell us something about yourself and your company Box Office Events!

NADIA: Previously I served as a PR Manager at a leading events organization before launching my own company, Box Office Events in 2014. To date, I’ve successfully managed the promotional activities of over 55 Bollywood movies, many successful concerts, launches, PR activities, etc., spanning over 7 years. 

SONIA:what are the most important skills that an event planner needs to possess?

 NADIA: Well to be a good event organizer , you need to be extremely organized in your personal life , should have rules and principle and timetable that will really help you with your work too.

Secondly need to be extremely patient, firm but not rude as the stress is there to make things happen at the right time and the right moment but i believe it can be done politely to.

Able to work on odd hours and weekend sometime your social life and personal life gets affected so just need to carry everything along at the same time.

 SONIA: How do you handle stressful situations?

 NADIA : We are working under stress most of the time and being event organizers we always have deadline to meet so the pressure is always built up.

Just need to stay calm and think straight and not do irrational decision that you might regret later.

 SONIA: Celebrities are known for wanting the VIP treatment. What is the zaniest request you have dealt with so far?

NADIA : Well most of them are quite alright and follow the plans that we hand over to them but on and off we do get weird request like, ‘I want to have a McDee’s burger before I step out of the room’, …tsk tsk but over all have handled really professional artist.

 SONIA: What was the most challenging event you have planned in the past?

 NADIA: Almost all events are very challenging and takes lot of hard work and patience. So can’t really compare which one was the most challenging.

 SONIA: You are an established name in the event planning industry, what’s your proudest career achievement to date?  

 NADIA : Definitely getting two Masala Awards was a super proud moment . Also when people meet you and instantly recognize you and compliment your work is over-whelming.

 SONIA: What do you like to do in your spare time, outside of work? 

NADIA: My two favorite things are hitting the gym and watching old Hindi movies.

 SONIA: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

NADIA: Bigger and better events and hopefully branch out regionally with our expertise.


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