How To Choose The Perfect White Wedding Dress?

The wedding dress is one of the most important thing of the wedding day, bride has likely dreamt about since she was a little girl and the dress that she will wear when her fairytale comes true.

Fashion designers setting fashionable trends year after year, meaning that there are literally thousands of different styles of bridal gowns to choose from.

Follow these simple steps to find your dream wedding dress.

1-You should start looking for your dream dress about six to eight months before your wedding day. Look through magazines, websites and catalogues for designs and clip those that appeal to you

2-make sure you wear proper undergarments that will work with the types of gowns you try on.

3-While trying on bridal dresses, look for patterns that flattering for your figure.

  • Strapless gowns are a traditional favorite that suit most women.
  • you are short, avoid dresses with too many layers and heavy fabric as this can make you look shorter.
  • Breezy lightweight fabrics are ideal for outdoor weddings and warm weather.
  • satin, velvet and layered wedding gownsare perfect for winter.

Don’t forget to select the right accessories to complement your wedding gown. Try them on while wearing the dress to make sure they match.


Makeup hairstyle by Orpi Ahmed
Model : Tatiana zalomova
Photographer: Da Artisan
Photo editing: M H Bipu

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