Product Review: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water by Hals MakeUp Artistry

Hey there!
How’s the summer treating you?!
Today I am going to talk about the most underrated product which was in my vanity:
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

Availability and Price:
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is available easily at all Departmental Stores for about AED 50
(depends on the promotion/ discount at the time).

Product Description:
Removes makeup +cleanses + refreshes. No rinsing. For face, eyes and lips.

How to use:
Put a few drops on a cotton pad and wipe away.
Quantity: 400 ml

My Experience:
I had bought a huge bottle of the Garnier Micellar water last month on sale and it was lying on my table
Then came a day when a dark colour long stay lipstick got smudged on a fully done makeup!
Stress level: High
Action Required: Urgent
First thing I see: Micellar water!
As apprehensive I was about trying this and its effectiveness in the dire situation, I nevertheless took a
few drops on a cotton pad and wiped lightly.
Voila! What do I see?
Clean and clear
No smudges
No rubbing required
No mess
No strong ugly smell
No dry patch
And me ….
Where were you all this time?
And since then I use it daily!

All in all its a fabulous product guys!
It effectively removes makeup, cleanses and refreshes the skin. It’d a multipurpose cleanser that which
lifts away dirt, oil and makeup without harsh rubbing. It is also sensitive skin friendly.
It leaves the skin clean and refreshed. Best part is that no rinsing is required so for all the lazy ones like
me, this is your best bet!
Highly recommended by Hals MakeUp Artistry
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Instagram: @hals_makeup

Author :Hals MakeUp Artistry

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