Pink Bridal shower ideas by Sadiya Inam

According to Wikipedia “the custom originated in 1890’s”
Hmmm so its not a very old tradition like wedding itself it was observed in west earlier but its becoming popular in our part of the world.
A Bridal shower is basically a party thrown by the cousins and/or friends of bride to wish her luck for her future and enjoy with the bride to be (before she becomes a “Mrs”)for one last time.
There are a lot of themes which are commonly liked by the most of girls for bridal shower such as
Spring, white and black, white and gold but my favourite is “Pink”
Why pink??
Hmmm, maybe because this colour is associated with girls even before they are born. Its the cutest colour ever 💕
Balloon and flowers are the main decorative items in a bridal shower as these two represents joy and love , then comes everything else.
The venue can be decorated with balloons and flowers, initials of the bride and groom. You can go for paper flowers if the real ones are out of your budget. The tables can be decorated with crockery and cutlery according timo the theme.
As its a party before “The big day” go low on food 🙂 finger snacks/bite size snacks.
Its her last party with her friends as an unmarried girl , make it memorable for her.

Pink Bridal Shower arranged by Me!

Adding few more pictures from internet :


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