Marriage: An endless sleepover with your favorite Weirdo by AISHA ALIA

 If you are a bride to be then here are a few tips for you.
-Skin Care
As a bride to be, its very important fro you to have the natural and a healthy glow on your face. Your skin needs to feel fresh.. As a bride to be you need expert advice.
Book an appointment with a Dermatologists, some one who is good in his/her field. Get yourself  fully checked. When I say fully checked, I mean your hormones, your blood count, blood test etc. everything. Based on your reports your doc will prescribe you a routine. Make sure you do this routine religiously. You should ideally book this appointment atleast 4-5 months in advance. In order to get adjusted to the medicines and for the creams to start showing their effect. A very important thing, if you are one of those brides who wants to conceive asap after the marriage then make you sure you inform this to the doc so they can avoid any i.pills in your prescription, as these pills help in hormonal imbalance.
According to me this process is much better than picking something off the shelf and ruining your perfect day.
-Hair Care
With the wedding preps going at full swing, one needs to really take care of their hair along with their skin. Regular oiling and proper shampooing is very important. Just like the skin, you should also book an appointment with your hair stylists. Get those tresses treated. Get that perfect shade of color that you have been wanting to get. Your hair is your crown, and it needs to look the best for the Big Day.
-Make up
when it comes to make up, a bride needs different looks for different functions. As a Indian/Pakistani we have a lot of functions and with so many functions one needs to be creative with their look.
Look at 4-5 make up artists. Book a trial with them, pick one of the make up looks that you would want to go for your functions and see who is good at it. When you are doing trials, keep a close eye on the way they keep their make up products, you wouldn’t want dirty brushes touching your face.
Go for a mix of subtle, soft romantic and dramatic looks. Keep a good mix of your looks. But do make sure you don’t end up looking too cakey. Try to have it light.
-The Dress
After all the precautions for the skin and hair lets talk about the out fit. Like I mentioned earlier, for us there a lot of functions.
 For example:
 Haldi- where we a whole lot of turmeric paste is applies to the skin in order for the bride to get that healthy glow.
 Mehendi: this function is for the ladies mostly, where the ladies all gather up to apply henna on their hands.
Sangeet: this function is the most loved all over. This is where the whole family friends ad guests gather up for a fun filled evening.
 Nikaah: this one is mainly fro the muslims, this is where the bride and groom end up saying Qubool hai, well not literally but you get my point right?
 Reception: this is comes after the Nikaah where the couple is just standing on the stage the guests come and meet them and click pictures with them, because they are the stars of the night.
So there you have like 5 functions and 5 outfits to go with each function.
For Haldi I would say keep it light, a soft saffron or yellow color outfit would look really nice. With some soft hand embroidered work on it.
For Mehendi, go for a gown dress with a voluminous flare for that perfect twirl with the mehendi clad hands. The color for this is entirely on you, go loud go bold or go subtle. But according to me you should go for a dress which has the perfect balance of the subtle yet bold look. Go for colors like Blue,Green,Turquoise mixed with gold or silver work.
Sangeet: A lot of brides do an elaborate dance routine for the groom, so of course this depending on your moves and what you are comfortable in. Go for a bold color, as you are the bride and you should stand out amongst all the other guests dancing.
Nikaah: When someone talks about Nikaah, I feel its a very sweet and a special moment between the bride and the groom and their families. The out fit option for this function should be Soft and subtle. Keep it very romantic. Nothing too hyped. Colors for the outfit should be shades of brown or the nude family, mixed with some really heavy work either in gold or silver.
Reception: Now this function is the last one, like I said they are the starts of the night, guests are going to be around them clicking pictures wishing them the best for their life. Usually we dress up and deck up a lot fro this function.This is where most of our brides are seen wearing red. But a lot of Brides are ditching the color Red and going for a lot of blues, purple and greens. Which to be honest looks amazing.
There are a few designers whose work I really like when it comes to bridal designers.
Sabyasachi being one of them. His latest collection is Beautiful, Beautiful is an understatement. After him I also love Hassan Sharyar Yasin. I really love his work. I remember meeting him once during one of our college events and I was on cloud NINE.
There are a lot of designers who you can find for bridal shopping. But these two are my mains.
After giving out these tips I have just one little thing to say, This is Your BIG day and its in your hands how you turn this day into. At the end you want to have fun. After a few years when you look back to this day you just want to think of the Happy moments. With all the stress of the preps don’t forget to have fun.
And last but not the least
 More than love, you need Understanding between you and your spouse. It’s very easy to say I love you 100 times in a day, but true LOVE is when your spouse Respects you and Values you.

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