Marriage after the wedding by Susan

I remember getting ready for my wedding day. The day that would be one of the best days of my life. The joy of being surrounded by the ones that love me especially being wedded in my grandma’s compound was a blessing.

I was excited to be married to my best friend and I couldn’t wait to live my life with him.
But what was that life that I couldn’t wait to live out with my groom if I may ask?
Well, if you are married and have had a wedding before, you may know the difference between being wedded and being married.
A wedding;
A wedding tends to be a smooth sailing mainly controlled by the bride “for the bride”. It’s all laughter and no tears mostly. It’s seeking perfection for the day; perfect dress, perfect food, perfect venue and perfect appearance. Everything is about us and nothing else matters in that moment.
Marriage is not a smooth sailing for a fact. It’s a continuous living of life in the raw. Two sinners under one roof. There are many new things to discover about ourselves and spouses, there are seasons of laughter and seasons of tears, there are sacrifices, there is sickness at times, disagreements too. There is forgiving and learning to forgive as well as understanding the humility to seek forgiveness from our spouses. In fact, everything is not just about us.
So, are we able to understand how to snap out of the wedding mode and dive into our marriages while embracing the good and bad that come with it?
Do we choose to refuse to accept the changes that comes with Marriage?
Do we easily give up when days are not as fluffy as our wedding day?
After that day; our wedding day, I hope and pray that we’ll continue to carry that same excitement into our marriages. Continue to feel like brides or perhaps grooms in case you are a man.
I hope and pray that as much thought and passion we put into getting ready for our wedding days, we will desire to do the same in our marriages.
I hope and pray that the hand that we were excited to hold and take our vows, we’ll know to hold and vow to keep when days in our marriage are not as perfect.
I hope and pray that as much as we sought the advice of the ones we trusted to get ready for our weddings, we will know to reach out for Godly counseling from the ones we trust whenever we need it in our marriages.
I hope and pray that as much time we spent pouring into the details of our weddings, we’ll yearn to care about the little things in marriage days.
And most of all, I hope and pray that we’ll continue to understand that we are all sinners saved by God’s grace. We are all broken; living in a broken world that will fail us again and again but God who is all powerful and all-knowing is faithful to sustain us through our marriages. He is sovereign to help us live out marriages that are well pleasing to Him.

Author: Susan

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