It’s officially wedding season With so many tasks to tackle, finding a perfect wedding clutch that can ideally hold all that you need for such a special day should be the least of your worries.
Gorgeous clutches are like your jewelry; they can make you feel so glamorous and special .Crystal Clutch Bags are perfect for every occasion. A Clutch of Art, that can be worn to Elegant Gala Evening , wedding and at the same time, style up in a Casual chic event.  Well lucky for you, your search ends here.
Sonia– How would you define Zubaida the brand?
 Zubaida- Zubaida isn’t just any brand for me, it’s my identity, and it can be defined as something that offers from casual to chic to formal statement clutches, with these bags you don’t need to do much with your outfit, the vibrant colours and unique designs complete the look itself. You can find something for any sort of occasion whether  it’s a wedding or a casual lunch/dinner.
Sonia- What inspired you to get into accessories, and to engage in such a creative profession?
I have always been really into following emerging trends and getting the latest bags, bags are my weakness lol, and i felt like there was a gap in the market as either there were designer clutches that not everyone could afford or replicas, i wanted to tap that segment of the market who would be able purchase statement clutches at affordable prices in a variety of different colours.
Sonia- What are the challenges you have faced as luxury  Handbag Designer?
Zubaida– Haha, that’s a tough one! Well firstly, people expect you to be perfect, perfect with designs, perfect with service, perfect with supplies so meeting those expectations can be difficult, also there is alot of competition out there so it’s literally like a rat race and winning the race obviously isn’t easy!
Sonia– what makes your work different compared to others?
Zubaida- I don’t just offer wedding clutches, I offer casual as well as semi formal clutches that are really wearable. You will find something suitable for literally any occasion!
Sonia- The shapes of your clutches look unique, is this your USP for the brand? 
 Zubaida- Yes ofcourse. That’s the whole concept behind it, to be different and offering something no one else offers.
Sonia- How did you come up with this idea?
Zubaida- I always had a passion for accessories and designing bags, once i was just scrolling through a website and came across a DIY bag and well, my creation turned out to be great!
Sonia- Do you have any favorite clutch from your own collection?
Zubaida- Oh yes, my pink candy crush  clutch is my all time favourite.
Sonia -How can people get a hold of a Zubaida luxury clutches?
Zubaida- I do exhibitions in Dubai and Karachi from time to time, other than that i have my entire stock at my house so all you have to do is book an appointment and i will show you what I have.
Sonia- What would be your ultimate goal for the brand?
Zubaida- Be the number one go to person when you hear the term ‘bags’ or ‘clutches’.
for appointments and details– 03008248147

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