In the eye of a Fashion Photographer: Interview with USMAN of Uthman Studio

Dubai based fashion photographer Usman is a master to translate his artistic visions into photographs. He have strong interpersonal skills With great awareness of fashion and photographic trends. Lets have a chat with him.

SONIA-Tell us how you got started in photography?

USMAN- I always had an eye to capture beautiful moments. The ones we can cherish forever. I remember taking pictures from my phone and edit them when i was in my 7th grade. Later during my bachelors, i bought a camera and started photography.

SONIA- And what was the next step?

USMAN- As i said it was in my bachelors that i decided to get a professional camera. I wanted to explore this huge world of photography and master the art of capturing an ordinary moment and converting into a masterpiece. This, according to me is the beauty of this art.

SONIA- Which do you like shooting more, photojournalism or advertising?

USMAN-I would prefer advertising.

SONIA- Nikon Or Canon? Why?

USMAN- This is one of the great debates i often come across in my profession. Personally I really don’t like Canon’s auto white balance but I think their lenses are some of the best around. I think that the Nikon menu system is poorly set out but their cameras seem to handle noise very well. I think it all comes down to which cameras are in your price range; Canon and Nikon are constantly in an effort to outdo one other. It’s not often that people switch between brands but, when they do, it’s usually down to the usability because any good photographer knows that they can produce excellent results with basic gear.

SONIA- What is your favorite photography accessory, other than your camera?

USMAN- I really like Flex Lens Shade. It attaches to any lens or lens hood with hook-and-loop touch fastener, and blocks unwanted light from striking the lens.

SONIA- How would you describe your photography style?

USMAN- I spend most of my professional work doing candid and fashion photography.

SONIA- Tell us about Your first celebrity shoot!

USMAN- It was during one of the Indian Fashion Show weeks that i had the opportunity to shoot with Sunny Leone and Mira. It was a wonderful experience and i really liked the amazing designer collection they both were wearing.

SONIA- What is the most unpredictable thing about the photography business?

USMAN- Taking pictures with a camera phone, no matter how smart, is like hammering a nail with a wrench. You can do it, but it’s not the right tool.

SONIA- Which other photographers influence you?

USMAN- said muhammad , MarieB

SONIA- Everyone is a photographer these days. Wouldn’t you think so?

USMAN- Anyone can put a camera to their face and press the button. It’s called taking a picture. The ability to transform a picture into something interesting – a photo – is a skill. A photo tells a thousand words. If a photo is going to do this, they can’t be just any thousand words thrown together. They need to be structured in a concise, coherent manner, like a grammatically correct story. It’s a skill and photographers study and train for years to master their art.



CONTACT: 00971527355273 

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