Honeymoon planning and preparations by Zainy Shiekh!

The one thing that excites you more than your wedding day and preparations is your honeymoon planning and preparations. There a whole lot of places and options for everyone in the world depending on their likes and prefrences. But today i am here to share some of my favourite.

1. Maldives:

Maldives is a dream destination for every newly weds for a lot of reasons.

There is no visa hassles so the plan cant go wrnge at the last moment because of the visa. Their water villaz are a dream come true with the jaccuzzi, balconies right in between the sea is all anyone can ask for.
There are alot you can do in maldives:

1. Snorkelling

2. Private arrangments for a Sunset Brunch.

3. Sunset tours on the boat.

4. Dolphin sightening.( If you will b lucky enough)

5. Tours to other islands of maldives with live bar b ques.
Best time to visit: November to April

Budget for couple for a 3 day trip (approx) : AED 7000-8000

2. Santorini-Greece

Sunsets are a weakness of everyone romantic at heart. And One of the world’s most beautiful sunset places are Oia Santorini.
There are alot of other stuff other than just watching sunsets in Santorini:
1. Hire a quadbike get your partner and roam around the beautiful roads with a one on one talk and love sessions.
2. Shopping: Santorini has one of the most amazing markets and quirky one of a kind stuff to shop for. And who says no on honeymoons isnt that the oppurtunity worth availing 😉
3. Beaches: Apart from the blue and white mesmerising views Santorini also has some great beaches. Red sand beach and Black sand beaches and the famous Hot Springs. Perfect places for a swim.

Best time to visit: Between Late april to Mid November

Budget for couple for a 3 day trip (approx) : AED 10,000-12,000

3. Paris-France

Paris is called the city of love. The vibes of the city,the weather and above all the sight of that Eiffel Tower everything makes you fall in love again.
Therez alot you can do in Paris:
1. Disneyland : We all are a prince and princess at heart no matter how old we are. Disneyland is the place you can experience all that along with some adventure and aderlanin. And you will have a time of a lifetime.
2. Cruise: Paris cruises are one of the most romantic and beautiful cruises you can experience in your life. The weather the feel and the sight of that twinkling Eiffel Tower will make it one of your most memorable times.
3. Streets: Even if your are doing nothing in paris your doing alot the Unpredictable rains the cold cozy weather and the amazing infrastructure of the streets of paris provides you with some full of love times.
Best time to visit: June to August

Budget for couple for a 3 day trip (approx) : AED 10,000-12000


If your low and budget and dont want the visa hassles. Georgia is the place you want to be. It has that Europe feeling we all want with being friends to your pocket as well.

Therez alot to see and do in Georgia:

1. Ski: If your planing a honeymoon in the winters. This is something not to be missed. Head to GADAURI and ski, fall get up have fun with your partner.
2. Churches: Georgia has some of the most beautiful churches and more than that the location of the church will put you in a pleasant shock. Whenever you visit georgia dont miss out Mtskheta and the Gergeti Triniti Church in Kazbegi.
3. Night life: Tiblisi being the capital has the most amazing night lives. The sulphur baths are open 24hrz. The restaurants are filled with live music and therez alot of food on streets to choose from. The perfect night life for a newly wed.

Best time to visit: June to August/ Dec to March

Budget for couple for a 3 day trip (approx) : AED 6000-7000


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