Desi weddings arent less than a soap a series or even a whole film. Loaded with drama, dance, gossip, match making and above all it costs you whole lot closer to a high budgeted film. Which i must say will payback atleast ;).

So there are a bunch of characters in this wedding soap. Each having their own part to play which they don’t even know they are but they do enjoy alot. Do the bride and groom like it or not well huuh don’t ask them you wont like the answer and may be they might not even care

The fashion designer:
Than there are gals and ladies with their microscopic eye sight and fashion intelligent mind to observe and comment on each and every dress anyone’s wearing. How they are wearing the best possible and how the rest don’t know anything. If that’s not enough the bride in her best look of her life is also criticized on being too thin or too fat,too simple or too shimmery. May god be with us all when we come across this fashion force 😉

The Mess Makers:
Without any offence to the kids or their moms. Kids make a mess of everything on weddings be it your oh so planned entry you thought of for years, The stage and the decor that you paid half of the average income of a middle class, Or if it cant get any worse they will be these 2 or 3 kids which will b in each and every pic of the wedding. Come on guys you will have your own day, Go play.

The Match Maker:
If the children weren’t enough to mess up stuff. There are aunties who are at the wedding just to match up girls and boys. They will see anyone with the “single ready to mingle” tag,even if she’s a wife or a mom.Which they realize when after a little interview a child comes running calling her “mama”.
But they are the lifesaverz of those who really are in search. Coz they say during a wedding therez always another brewing.

The Angry Bird:
You always have this 1 or 2 close relatives who cant ever be made happy. They will be angry at not being called on stage or the food wasn’t tasty or even if they weren’t given as much attention as the bride herself . Ya I’m not kidding they really expect that

The foodie:
The foodies are the one’s you can see closest to the food table. And if not close they will have their eyes right on the waiter to uncover the dishes. For them the wedding is a hit if the food is great.

The Selfie queens and kings:
Weddings were once the day of the bride and groom. All the attentions all the camera’s everything. But thanks to social media and selfie trends, its everyone’s day. If you don’t get a selfie or a grandfie or a long length pic of u and your accessories, well sorry but you weren’t there

The wanna be photographers 😉
All thanks to Canon and Nikon and even Samsung and Iphone’s with kool pixeled camera’s. Everyone is a photographer. And they will b everywhere front back side. Unfortunately misplacing and interrupting the real photographer whose paid to cover it all. And the bride end up having all her details of the dress,wedding and rituals leaked and posted in not so good way. Not something i would have liked for sure

So good luck to all the girls and guys getting married for dealing with all the drama. Sit back enjoy and have a good time at the day of your life.

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