Book Review-Red Turban White Horse by RHEA

Book- Red Turban White Horse: My Sister’s Hurricane Wedding
Author: Nandini Bajpayee
Publisher: Scholastic India
Publication Date: June 7th, 2013
Light and summery, Red Turban White Horse was such a fun read! I normally don’t read only romance books, I’m more of the “kill everyone and save the world” type, so when I do pick up a cute, romantic novel, I want it to be really good. I’m glad Red Turban White Horse was the book I picked. Warm, fuzzy, and so adorable, I loved everything about it

Mini has a wedding to plan. And she has to plan it fast. It has been seven years since her mother died, and living with her geeky dad and brainiac sister has made Mini very knowledgeable on calculus and cars- but not so much on planning big Indian weddings in America. So when her sister Vinnie decides to get married, it’s Mini’s responsibility to make sure the wedding is the best day of her sisters life. The budget is low, and the pressure high, but Mini has her new Mini Cooper, two months of summer break, and her terrific sense of style to blitz through this wedding. And of course, she has mysterious and smoking hot Vir at her side. As Mini rushes to arrange lehengas and flowers, food and the guest list, she also has her own love life to deal with. And if all this didn’t call for a disaster, the monster hurricane headed right towards Boston may just be enough to blow the entire wedding away.

What I liked:
I love that the plot of this book isn’t overly complicated. A lot of times in all these cute novels, unnecessary drama is pushed into the story to make it more interesting. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case here. A short and sweet read, its something you can just breeze through. Even though the book is based in America, the characters are Indian. Its always refreshing to read about characters from different backgrounds, and you can relate to a book more when the characters are of the same nationality as you. There were many cultural and social references to India, which for me, made the book closer to home. Indians don’t take weddings lightly, marriages are massive celebrations, and this book did complete justice to a typical desi wedding. Though the book is light, it was also quite deep at parts. It highlights loss, grief and sadness in a way everyone can relate. This book is the complete package- I was laughing, blinking back tears, and relating to the characters all through the book.
I really liked Mini. Sassy, spunky, smart and stylish, she is a very likeable personality. Not to mention the fact that she’s a Potterhead, which immediately makes her ten times more awesome. She loves her family so much, and loves her dead mother with a beautiful ferocity. Even though she has so much responsibility, she doesn’t shy away from doing what she has to, and is really hard working. Though I really like her, I hate how once she gets mad at someone, she clams up and completely stops communicating with them. It’s like saying, “I want an explanation for what you did to me but I’m so mad at you that I won’t even let you speak.” That really drives me crazy, but oh well, everyone has their flaws. Her sense of style is impeccable and her designing skills are on point. Confident and cheery, she’s such a lively personality in this book.
There are so many great secondary characters in this book! I loved Vir. Sarcastic, sweet, kind, understanding and super hot, I was fangirling every time he was mentioned.

(he still wouldn’t be my book boyfriend though, my standards are very high) Even though he’s really rich, he wasn’t snobby or arrogant. I love how much he cares for Mini and how he’s willing to give her space when she needs it, but is still always there for her. I love Mallu Masi, you might not like her at the beginning but trust me, this classy woman is amazing! I loved most of the characters in this book- though they all have their faults, the most beautiful thing tying them together is how much they care for each other.
The romance was so so cute!! Mini and Vir are the perfect couple. The dialogues were great, not very sappy, but still bordering on very slightly cheesy, which actually just ended up as very sweet. It left me feeling warm and fuzzy, with a goofy grin plastered on my face, and a high pitch squeaky voice every time I talk about them. It’s the kind of romance you would want in high school- endearing, a little cheesy, but perfect all the same.

What I didn’t like:
Okay there is actually nothing I can pin point. This book isn’t perfect, it’s not even in my top 5 really, but there isn’t anything I can individually pick out and label as “not good”. If I really nit pick, maybe Mini was too perfect? Pretty, smart, stylish, maybe that gets a bit unrealistic. But I’m just picking out minor things now, the book is on a whole very charming and sweet.
I’ll be giving this book a four out of five. Sweet, deep but not preachy, this book is the perfect summer read! Give it a go on a weekend when you’re looking for a light read, it’ll be worth it!

Author: RHEA!


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