After wedding side effects Shareen khan

Hey many congrats so you finally got married yea! after lavish wedding reception, countless other related parties & gatherings, makeup, dresses, guests, jewellery, salon trips, etc etc.
Then of course the honeymoon period starts mostly travelling abroad to some nice exotic romantic places. Candle light dinners, pictures , shopping , exploring new cities hand in hand, long drives , adventures and what not just like a fairy tale or movie…..

6 months passed and then starts reality checks. When you wake up to the same face everyday, office routine , daily chores of home , bills , budget, nothing new to talk , start taking each other for granted thus everything gets cliché !
This is where the real meaning of being married & life after your wedding comes in question….! No matter how grand or royal your wedding was if you don’t keep the spark & value your partner after marriage each day then relationships goes down the drain.

No doubts if you live with someone under one roof there will at times arguments , clash of views, disagreements but beauty is to patch up and solve them, work it out as soon as possible. Never stay angry at each other for long, don’t let ego rule you, compromise is another name of marriage but always both husband & wife should do it instead of expecting only one partner to give in all the time. Slowly we start taking ourselves for granted after few months of marriage. Stop going to gym, stop dressing up , stop taking care of your hair, skin ,
grooming etc.

That’s totally wrong but it is a fact life becomes so routine & hectic that we cant help it but few times in a week try to break that norm and celebrate your life together in small loving ways, just like you did in your early days after your wedding. So the side effects turn back into affection eh!

Shareen khan.

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