A Wedding Nightmare by Kanwal Umar

On their big day, brides want things to go their way. Considering all the money that it takes to throw a wedding, you’d be peeved if your flowers showed up the fuchsia instead of blush, too.

I was quite young when my paternal aunt got married. Like all other desi weddings preparations were kept confidential. I clearly remember she once said

“I will be the most beautiful bride one has seen.”

No doubt she was tall frame and her slender body was like of a Victoria Secret Model. Alluringly, she would blink her eyes from time to time, allowing her eyelashes to flutter like the wings of a butterfly. Her eyes were simply spellbinding. Her left eye was a rapturous shade of cerulean blue, much more appealing then my own, and hazel-auburn rondured sphere orbited in her right eye. Each one held a coruscate gleam that enhanced their beauty. Her seraph’s ears were pierced by golden hoops that were concealed by caramel colored blonde waves.

Finally, her big day was here. As soon as i heard she’s back from salon i rushed towards bride’s room. I heard ladies gossiping on my way

“She must be looking beautiful.”

“Why wouldnt she? Heard she spent 50K!”

“Really? Yeah XYZ salon charges way too much.”

Bother-less and Excited i went to see her. As i stood outside the room i could clearly hear her cry. As soon as door opened I saw my mother sitting next to her, comforting her. I walked in.

“Lock the door please.” She said.

As i locked the door my aunt started screaming.

I was in shock of state as soon as i saw her face. Her makeup was a disaster.

She was wearing heavy makeup and it got smudged. Probably a low quality makeup used  by the famous salon, and by crying she was making it worse. Her makeup had start to run down her face in heavy, inky and colorful rivers; mascara especially. The black lines streaming down the face were strikingly visual.

I was told to leave the room as another makeup artist rushed in. Though, her makeup was fixed but it made a very visible sign of sadness.

Author : Kanwal Umar

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