10 Wedding Makeup Mistakes you don’t want to make Fatma Ahmad

Planning of the wedding begin as soon as the dates are finalised. There is a big list that needs to be taken care from the venue to menu, from the wedding dress to the shoes, treatments & spas, guest lists and so on…..

The most important is also make-up of the bride. She has always dreamt to look beautiful while walking the isles by looking completely gorgeous on her big which she has to cherish for the rest of her life.

The common mistakes the brides do is listening to all the ladies of the house, friends and make wrong decisions at times for her makeover on the big day. The simple task is turned into a really hectic one.

Let’s speak up the 10 common wedding make-up mistakes that can be avoided:

  • Skin Treatment right before the big day:

The first common mistakes brides tend to do is getting any kind of facial or face treatment right before the big day. This is a big No, No! Any kind of facial treatment or therapy, skin peels or trying out new products must be avoided. Just follow the normal regime of your skin care to avoid any discomfort, allergies or reactions and even breakouts.

  • Waxing the day before the Big Day:

If you have facial hair that you wax and even clean your eyebrows, this must be done at least 5 days ahead the big day to avoid any rashes and breakout. And if you do not wax or clean your brows it’s better to avoid it this time as well.

  • Not Preparing your skin before the Makeover:

I have seen many brides and even most of the MUA’s that recommend not applying moisturizer or prepping your face before the makeup. The thought behind it is to keep the makeup long lasting. This is completely wrong! On the other hand gently cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin will help the makeup stay put all day long and it makes the face smooth canvas for the MUA to work on!

  • Skipping to Exfoliate the Lips:

Following the skin care the most neglected part when it comes to the face is the lips. You do not want your lipstick to just fade away, or lips that a chapped to be prominent on the day. So exfoliating with a sugar scrub before heading to your MUA is a must.

  • Trying out Something New:

Do not at all try out anything new during this time, stick to normal makeup and colours. Experimenting something which is not the usual you be it a bold color on your lips or some latest trend on the Eyes would be challenging and not safe. Instead of looking the prettiest bride you might turn looking into the ugly one!

  • Using a Water Proof Mascara:

It is always recommended to use water proof mascara especially on the day being bride. The emotions and tears of joy that roll down by any bride be it while walking the isles with the Dad or while listening to some speech or words by someone close or in Asian wedding at the time of departure when the bride says goodbye to her family.  Water proof mascara is actually a life saver as the tears roll down it won’t be making your face or eye turning into a panda eyes!

  • Choosing a MUA over your Friend:

It is always recommended to go for a professional MUA for your big day, where her work speaks loud and clear. You can always go to her and discuss the looks you want for the day and get a professionals advice, instead of going to a friend. You can always give the opportunity to your friend for doing your makeup on your hen’s night! And do get a trial of the makeup look that is recommended, so you get an idea what will be end result on the day!

  • Wearing Fake Lashes:

As we all know fake lashes are the trendiest thing this century. Choosing the right lashes for the big day is important! Instead of going for heavy and dramatic lashes opt for the natural wispies to give you a very decent look.

  • Adding Shimmers in your look:

Adding a lot of shimmers to the face will give the bride a very shiny and greasy look. A little on the cheek bones and cupid bows gives a very iridescence look. But adding it on the areas where the light reflects is not a good idea so avoid brushing it over the nose and forehead.

  • Emergency Kit:

It is always recommended for the brides to carry an emergency kit all day long which must have a blotting sheet to clean the excess oils so you don’t look greasy. Lip Color for the touch up and cotton swaps and tissues to fix any smudges.


Author: Fatma Ahmad (Umm Ahyan)


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