Riwayat hosts Pakistan Fashion Week 12 supported by Farukh Amil, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva. Pakistan Fashion week is the brainchild of Team Riwayat which is headed up by a team of directors from across Pakistan and the United Kingdom. Adnan Ansari, Co-Founder and Creative Director & Chris East, Co-Founder and Executive Director Together with over 100 trained volunteers and contracted professionals have provided a much needed shop window for Pakistani creativity in the west.
PFW12 will feature renowned stylist Nabila and Fauzia Aman, Pakistan’s top model, debuting with her first choreographed event. PFW12 seeks to promote inclusion always by using a diverse project team and using 30 Swiss models to deliver this international event. For Riwayat this exciting show in Geneva opens the doors of Pakistani culture to western audiences again exhibiting the best talent of Pakistan with new and emerging textiles.

Creative Director and Co-founder of Riwayat, Adnan Ansari said: “We are excited and proud to be representing Pakistan in Geneva raising awareness of our homegrown talent and providing international access to Pakistan’s leading fashion designers.”

Agha Noor will be venturing into Europe with this show, Hamna Amir will be showcasing her exquisite jewels, Lajwanti has come up with a collection ideal for Geneva and Ali Xeeshan famous for his name will have a new collection showcased as finale. Each and every designer will give Geneva a collection that they will remember for years to come.

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