Why women should empower other women by SANA WAQAR!

This is an important topic and outstanding issue that I am passionate about, so I have written this short opinion piece.

i have discussed this topic so many times and i want to discuss it again and again because i love freedom,freedom which is necessary for every human and i think woman can understand woman much better than a men.It’s in my opinion that we as women, we need to band together to face the obstacles we face each day

Before start I want to focus what is the meaning of women empowerment ?

Women’s empowerment is a fairly simple concept as far as I understand it.  It means giving women the ability to fully and genuinely participate economically, socially, and politically. In the particular case of women, it means being able to participate in this way without being discriminated on the basis of their gender (although people’s social, economic, and political participation should not be determined by any arbitrary factors).

Why is it needed ???

Even in some of the societies which have made great strides in gender equality, women are still consistently paid less, expected to be child-rearers (sometimes at the cost of their careers), expected to cook, clean, etc., are disproportionately the victims of rape and domestic abuse among many other inequalities.  In less forward societies, women can’t drive, run for office, leave the house without a man, sign contracts and more. Clearly women are not treated as equals around the world, and yet they are fundamentally equal.  As such empowerment is clearly needed.

 Why I always think and talked about it??? 

I am an Asian and Muslim lady and i can clearly see lots of example surrounding me Lucky, i have been blessed to born in a family where my mom and dad who has raised me just like a human being they didn’t differentiate between a boy or a girl so i never grow up like many of us people realizing this is what happen to a girl child in smallest district in our countries i am not going to talk about curl things here which happened to them because we are here to stopping this and i really don’t want to discuss depressing things here which will make me depress so i want to stick on my point ..WE ALL KNOW THE PROBLEM …

~~Why daughters are still seen as a burden on families and finances ??

~~Female infanticide is more common than the killing of male???

~~Why a girl is not equal to a boy??? why boys education is more important than a girl ??

there is so many questions but the answer is in our mind who will change this mindset the answer is a WOMAN ….because we women can raise a child we can convey our message to a new generation that girl and boy are equal we need to start this struggle first from our home then society ….

HOW?? we will get pregnant we should do scan and if it is a girl ,tell your husband proudly you will have a blessing which will  can change the world who can raise a sun and spread the shining of love …we all should accept first … unfortunately a woman is the one who didn’t accept the reality … ???

girl, a creation of God without whom the world wouldn’t have turned into generations. Right from the birth is bonded in so many relations and plays every role in best of her efficiency. From the very first relation of being a daughter, sister, wife mother grandmother and all the other additional relations she tries to accomplish it by keeping everyone happy and without any regrets and appreciation. A girl child the strongest human of all both emotionally and mentally always stands by everyone who needs them and even though there are situations at times where no one stands for her.

Why Women Should Empower Other Women

  1. Because queens uplift other queens. Enough said.
  2. Supporting one another, instead of trying to make each other fail and mess up, goes a long way.
  3. You shouldn’t shy away from being yourself around another woman. She’ll understand what you’re going through. You’re never alone.
  4. Strong women stand together when things are tough, hold each other when they need help, and laugh together even when there’s no reason to. They simply have a good time together.
  5. Remember, not only should we practice self love, but we should also appreciate and value other women.
  6. Admiring other women’s strengths and being there for each other in times of weakness will help us all come out as stronger individuals.
  7. Insecure girls compete with each other. Women who are confident will not have to deal with petty drama.
  8. Life’s never as difficult when we have a female role model to lean on.
  9. It’s a good thing to simply be nice. Real women stick up for one another and leave the sh*t talking behind.
  10. As females, we should compliment other females. It’s not a competition, it never really has been.
  11. Honesty is key. Let’s stop the lies and, instead, tell each other how it is.

When women truly support one another, amazing things occur and life’s pretty much grand. value your gender first value first yourself …

It’s time to raise awareness around new initiatives women are taking to help their female counterparts achieve their goals and feel empowered. The concept of women helping other women benefits both parties, while demonstrating just how powerful a force females can be when they support one another.

Facebook executive and Founder of LeanIn.Org, Sheryl Sandberg, recently launched “Together Women Can,” a new campaign aimed at encouraging women to be mentors and powerful allies for other women in the workplace. During her exclusive interview with ABC news, Sandberg mentioned that there are small changes that can be made in the workplace that will allow women to help their female counterparts.

So my end is SUPPORT EACH OTHER and do amazing thing together !!!!!!!!!

Make an effort to make more female friends. Having male friends can be fun, but nothing compares to having the bond that women can create with one another through good friendships. My most rewarding friendships happen to be with other women. Try to be more understanding with other women instead of judging appearance or immediate demeanor. Say hello. The world is not a competition, especially in a world where women need to be lifted up. If we stop dragging each other down, it will be a million times easier to encourage one another to all be better, work harder, and treat each other better.

Instead of causing emotional turmoil, drama, and distress among other women, work to make another woman feel good about herself. We are all beautiful in our own way and need to learn to recognize that beauty in ourselves as well as in each other. I’m tired of hearing about girls calling each other “bitches, sluts, and whores”. I want to hear more women calling one another smart, funny, kind, outgoing, caring, confident, intelligent, charismatic, or strong. If all of us work on an individual level to better our behavior towards other women we can cause a chain reaction that might make the world a better and more equal place for all women. I want to see a world where we can empower and compliment one another to help each other reach our goals; whatever they may be. When women start empowering one another and stop each other from fitting the catty stereotype for even a moment, the world will be a much better, and hopefully a more equal place.

Author: Sana Waqar


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