Mystic blogger by Tasneem Shahana

Well often we come across celebrity interviews   such as movie celebrity or sports celebrity  or a political celebrity etc . We as an individual think they have achieved a lot in their lives the curiosity makes us binge into such stuffs. But we are unaware that this takes us far away from reality. As for an individual’s perception the life goes on normally as it does even these celebs have things which they normally do but they like to be in the limelight seeking unnecessary attention and like to be talk of the town. But today was something different as I began to think which is one of the most popular celeb I should be interviewing? So the answer popped into my head was A mystic blogger yes it is the mystic blogger who can turn our imagination upside down with their blogs. How powerful it is that a little piece of their own lives turn mystic , ethereal but yet convey it  in the most subtle way.

This curiosity thrived me to think even more , so much that I found out that that the mystic blogger is none other but it was ME!!! Thinking more further I realized I have to interview my own self! So Who in a busy world have the time to ask few questions to themselves???the answer is No one . None can do that and the hardest part was to figure out how do you question one self? According to the trends now a days its like we are living lives just to scream out on social media pretending something we are not!! Where huge fan following decides the status of a person! And they are often being judged . Always under a scanner. But have we scanned our inner selves ? judged ourselves like how we judge others? This made me think even more and I ended up asking questions to myself as to what am i doing in life? Do i really have a goal to strive hard? Or just living for the heck of it? Well sadly I haven’t figured out answers for all . The mystic blogger is in all of us but hardly anyone recognizes it.

Author: Tasneem Shahana

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