My Summer Travel Essentials by Fatma Ahmad

As soon as the” J” months starts (I mean June & July) it is that time of the year when the schools are closed for vacations and everyone is all set for a holiday; be it their home land or any holiday destination or even a staycation.  The planning has been since the beginning of the year.

It is always the best to fly light instead of packing big bags with full unnecessary stuff, better to pack things that are season appropriate and much needed. The common mistake most of us do is packing unwanted things and later regretting carrying excess baggage.


Here let’s peak in to our packing and see what should be taken with us for summer vacation:

  • Hat is a must when you are travelling during summer to protect you from sun
  • Sunscreen which can never be avoided all time must
  • sunglasses these must be handy in your hand bag
  •  statement earing, instead of carrying the whole collection
  • Scarfs, help you accessories with any of your outfits
  • Long cotton dress summer appropriate
  • Sandals – comfortable and chic (one pair only) to match all your outfits
  • Camera a must to capture beautiful memories and cherish them later
  • Denims and a husbands shirt (oversized shirts are a trend) why to spend extra bucks.
  • Makeup items cannot be missed but must be limited one palette which should have all summer colours, and eye pencil and a liner and mascara and one or two lipsticks. And travel size makeup brushes
  • All you necessary lotions, shampoo and cream must be travel size instead of carrying full size.
  • Towel as this does not take much of your space
  • Lastly your mobile and camera chargers

Lighter the luggage, less the hassle to pack back.

Author: Fatma Ahmad(Umm Ahyna)

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