Journey of life!Every step you take you learn by SHAREEN KHAN

Hello my beautiful readers, iam writing again after a short break in my favorite mag Dubai Social Diaries.
Thought of doing something different this time as iam travelling and as usual every step I take I learn something new about life,nature,people,culture,society etc.


You might relate to it too so here it is…….

I look up in sky and believes become stronger that God is watching
us !!!


There is ray of hope dear look beyond your miseries!!! built bridges between friends who are upset with each-other instead of burning them!!!


don’t use people for your social climbing !!! Be that serene peaceful sound & voice that is so gentle to hear yet so powerful….!!!


Be that friend who will alwyx stand by your side when everyone else
betrays you….!!!! Walk with me or walk away from me but never stab me….!!!


keep discovering ….you have learned lot and yet there’s so much

more to kno…..!!!!

Love & charms,
Author : shareen Khan

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