How to stay healthy even on holiday? by NIKKI TAYLOR

My top tips for not piling on the kilos during vacation

1. You’re on holiday so don't panic to much!
2. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, have a smoothie or a plate full
of fruit
3. Walk lots, go exploring, enjoy the area, get yourself out and be active.
4. Keep hydrated with plenty of water and add some lemon to help burn
tummy fat
5. Chose a side of salad with your meal instead of chips to help you get
your 5-10 daily required amount of vegetabes in
6. Choose soda or tonic over soda
7. Get in the pool or sea and do some laps!! Swimming is SOOO good
for you and a great way to burn those unwanted calories
8. Dance the night away!!

Orange juice in jar on the beach.

Kisses from Italy xoxo


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