Holiday 2017 by Aisha Ahmed

Alia: yayiiee mommie finally the holidays have started. We are going
to have so much of fun this summer.

This is the exact conversation we have every summer vacation. We will
have so much of fun we will do so many things. We will go here we will
go there.
This year we are not travelling, we are literally enjoying the summer.
Enjoying the summer surprises. Enjoying the sales. Just enjoying
The hottest trend now a days is the stay cation. For people like me who
can not travel often stay cation is the best saviour.
If you are packing for a stay cation then make sure to pack just the
important essentials.
For example : you don’t need to carry your hair dryer, the in room dryer
works just fine. Carry maybe a travelling straightener, just to give
the finishing touches.
I love reading so one of my important essentials is a book. I like to
carry a fun book with me which will set the mood right.
And then we come down to the outfits. One can not just carry 2-3
outfits and be done, at least not me.
But one should also be smart. Plan your days ahead before leaving, as
to which day you would be doing what, and decide on your outfits
before hand. And then pack accordingly.
For ex: if the stay-cation is all about relaxing and your going to be
in the hotel most of the times then pack some comfy outfits. It’s
summers so maybe more on the wrap around dresses and kaftans.
A few of my fav holiday looks or relaxing looks consists of
-Jumpsuits, they are my current favorite. And they go well with the

-over sized dressing has been around a while but given my body type I
never had the heart to try it out till my bro got me this tee from
Pull and bear and I instantly fell in love with it. This is by far my
fav tee. The other over sized top I like is this short dress top which
I have paired with denims,they are really comfy and perfect for those
times when you want to enjoy your food on a staycation

-I have always been a fan of dresses. And I love this floral mid thigh
slit dress from Hayattii, the floral theme goes well with the holiday

-For the times when you want to dress in basic denims and tee but also
want to add a glam quotient, thats when you  need a dressed up kimono,
and this sleeve less pink shimmery pearl kimono is perfect for those
times. not too heavy, just the right amount of shimmer and pearls.

– I love this buttoned down white floral dress top, here I have paired
them with Tulip pants they go well for an ideal romantic candle light
dinner, if that’s what your stay cation is all about.

I hope you all have an awesome holiday, if you are travelling then
have a safe trip and have a blast. And if you are like me then lets
just hope that Dubai tones the heat a little down.
Happy Holidays!!

Author: Aisha Ahmed

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