A Quick Trip to Paris by Madah J

Two Days in Paris: how to do it all and look cute while doing it!

This summer we booked a quick trip to Paris and because I was traveling to the City of Love for the first time with the loves of my life, I was determined to pack in as much sight-seeing as I could.
We actually spent a week in France, starting our trip in Disneyland Paris and then making our way back to Paris for three nights and two days.The first thing I did was make a loose itinerary and then decide I wouldn’t regret it if I didn’t get to do it all. Because I wore ill-fitting shoes the first few days, coupled with intense walking and high temperatures my feet were swollen and sore. I had to scrutinize my list and pick the  places I wanted to visit the most. Among the casualties was a day in the Louvre, taking in the glory of the inside of the Notre-dame, and the Grande Mosque of Paris. There’s always next time I convinced myself, but frankly the unfriendliness of Parisiennes is too taxing for spirit and it’s a trip I’ll put off for many a year.
I digress, I managed to hit up all the tourist spots and do it quite efficiently. Here are my top tips for making the most of Paris.
1. Buses are your friends: Hop on a public bus, they run great routes that will not only give you a great glimpse of Paris life with the locals but you get to see great architecture, find hidden spots, and reach the peak destinations effectively. I used my Apple maps to guide me. Don’t ask the French. Pro tip: If you have a baby in a stroller, avoid the metro. There are many stairs.
2. See the Eiffel twice: Go during the day, best view is from Trocadéro and go again at night, explore the Champ de Mars but be wary of drunks and loud music. Watching the Eiffel light up (on the hour) makes up very well for it.
3. Find an eatery off the main streets: Want an authentic French meal? Turn into a side street and opt for a small eatery frequented by locals. Good prices and the best experience! And also try the crepes off the side carts. I recommend Banana and Nutella.
4. Dress Smart: I mean use your brains, sensible shoes are the only shoes that you need. You will be walking. Be kind to your feet.
I packed a suitcase full of shoes and dresses, but in the end I went with the most comfortable outfits I had, and flipflops I picked up at Disneyland Paris!
My favorite trends for summer are florals, blues, teal, and of course frilly detail!

This is probably my favorite look from this season, this off-the-shoulder, cotton dress with this fun floral print. Check it out at:


Share your best travel tips, and if you decide to visit Paris, eat well!

About the Writer:

Madah J is an American of Pakistani heritage based in the U.K. She is a mommy to two lovely children. Madah is passionate about fashion, styling, and loves to share her looks on her Instagram (@Madah_J) and from time-to-time on her blog, Cranberryshades (www.cranberryshades.blogspot.com)

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