Yes, without any doubt,India has a great bunch of handsome actors who can totally captivate our hearts with just a single glance and we know we cant take our eyes of them! we got opportunity to interview one of the most handsome hunk of Bollywood, he was in Dubai to endorse a clothing brand STILE BY Gulam Ali.
This Indian star needs no introduction Sohail Khan is definitely one of the most recognized international celebrities. As we all remember his directorial Debut Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya was a super hit! than he stole our hearts with his Debut Film as an actor Maine Dil Tujh Ko Diya! Well besides being naturally good looking, he totally has a heart-melting stare that can make anyone giddy! On the interview day when we were waiting for the super star, he appears fresh, energetic and looking dam handsome in black Pathani! and I can’t believe I’m about to say it but his appearance was so startling, it is almost impossible not to stare. He really does look the way his many fans describe him: somehow, impossibly, “perfect.”
Here is an exclusive talk with Sohail Khan about his personal style!
Sonia-Hi Sohail! do you think it’s important to wear fashionable cloths as a celebrity?
Sohail Khan- Hi Sonia! Yeah but pertaining to the occasion. Celebrities get photographed on occasions,events and parties. So they become the fashion icon for a lot of teenagers and kids.I think i am a very bad example. Because i end up anywhere wearing anything which i am comfortable with. But yeah i really appreciate people who dress well who make an effort I think its good that these days celebrities make an effort to dress up for occasions.
Sonia-what is your personal style?
Sohail Khan- Casual,comfortable! Like if i can get away with slippers i like wearing slippers , i like wearing Jeans ,loose jeans,track pants and t shirts. That would be under my comfort zone. Again if i get into an Indian wear or ethnic wear. More of Pathanis and kurtas. Which are more easy and more comfortable.
Sonia- On what piece of clothing do you spend your money the most?
Sohail Khan- Gym wear!! i am very fond of gym wear. I enter mall, i hardly go to malls but if i do i go straight to sports store. I play a bit of cricket and football and swim. So i try to get into sports store and get some kind of sports gear.i don’t spend a lot but whatever i do spend its on sports gear.
Sonia- Would you like to say something about the brand!
Sohail Khan- I was pleasantly surprised when they want me endorse for them.i am very happy because for me its a very personal equation .i am very comfortable with Ghulam Ali bhai. When they came and asked me to be the brand ambassador I asked if they are sure they were approaching the right brother and they said yes!!!
What i like about them is what we see in catalog and magazine is something that only models can wear and they are only to exhibit!
 Like what i am wearing is by them and this is something i can wear normally i don’t have to be overdressed for an interview or for an occasion. And its customized so they can made for order. so i am very glad i have done this.because for me i have the comfort with the two boys. I feel that The clothes that they will design for me or they generally design is wearable.
Sonia- Last question when we are going to see you on screen?
Sohail Khan- Inshallah on Eid! there’s a film i’m doing with Salman Bhai its called Tube-light directed by Kabir Khan.

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