History of the saree is almost 5000 years old. Saree is quite famous in South Asian woman’s. worn by our Grand Mother’s, Mother’s and Us (maybe) It is so fascinating and elegant and so teasing to man. This ancient piece of garment has in no way impacted in its popularity and still famous in fashion shows , weddings and Bollywood! I remember so many famous songs from the Bollywood movies in which sizzling hot Bollywood actresses donned beautiful sarees. This left many fashion forward girls thinking how to wear a saree with such a great panache. These bollywood beauties not only tickled every boy’s heart but also made them go weak in the knees with their uber sassy look. Even many Hollywood celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Selena Gomez were spotted wearing a saree and giving a different look to our very traditional South Asian ensemble.

Typical styles and colors sometimes confuse us and we want to choose something different , trendy and more refreshing . So if you are not a big fan of typical and traditional saree, than this beautiful Beige Net Saree with combination of bright fuchsia/ peach floral embroidery and dull gold sequins work is perfect for you. Pastels or lighter color base with bright embroidery is always a great choice, easy to carry and give instant boost to your look.

Check out easy tips to wear saree perfectly like a Bollywood Celebrity!

1-One of the most tried and tested way to look slim that will add oomph to your saree look ,go for heavy blouse and pair it with relatively plain saree.

2-Don’t go for heavy or board borders. Broad border is a complete no for women who are bulky or healthy . Go for saree without borders or light borders so that they can flow nicely and not make you appear big.

3-Good news for fashion freaks! Go wild and take your pick from cold-shoulders, off-shoulders to loose crop tops, tubes blouses. These styles are trending these days in sarees too.

4-you can hide that fat with the perfect small prints! yes you heard it right, digital printed sarees are trending these days ( also in fashion shows)You can look slimmer by going for smaller prints and designs or embroideries that are not spread too much on your saree.

5-we surely can’t deny the power of accessories, but while dressing up your Sarees, don’t try to add too much drama by wearing too many jewels and other accessories. Less is more!

6-Choose lighter fabrics like Georgette, crepe, satin or chiffon. South silk and some more fabrics no doubt are so beautiful but make you look even plump as they add volume while draping.

7-. If you have fat on your arms, avoid going for sleeveless blouses. Go for quarter sleeves,it make you look slimmer.

So, end up those anxieties of looking bulky in a saree, go and get your perfect piece.Its time for you to rock the party next time in your sassy saree look, like a Bollywood diva!!








MODELS : Luba Didenko


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