For anyone who loves fashion, and loves to shop, becoming a fashion stylist seems like a career fallen straight from heaven. It sounds like fun. But, becoming a fashion stylist is difficult business.For that reason, we’ve decided to reach out to one of our favorite fashion stylists to find out exactly how she did it . After spending several years in the fashion industry, Mehwish has styled some of our favorite celebrities. She told us that her career has been a journey with many lessons learned, attesting that nothing comes easily.Her work can be seen from fashion shows to the red carpets and it’s safe to say that Mehwish is an expert in all things fashion. During this interview, she shared some of the best styling insight you’ll ever find.Lets have a look!


SONIA: How did u get to into styling ?

MEHWISH: This is something I always wanted to be and I am quite lucky that I am into something for which I studied and worked hard day and bight. Did my bachelors in fashion designing and to keep myself updated with the current trends, I prefer to to enroll myself with various diplomas and workshops. Quite fortunate to be associated with big brands like Toifa Awards, Ary Awards, Sony and given several makeovers to the celebs like Sara Loren, Vani Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor etc.

SONIA: Most Favorite look that you’ve styled?

MEHWISH: Alot of them to be honest, can’t think of any one in particular. However, in a recent days I did a photoshoot for Asma Munir , an amazing designer and also styled an Indian Celeb Vani Kapoor and gave her quite a chic look for her interview .Yes, I may name them some of my favorite work so far.

SONIA:Who are some of your favorite designers and celebrities,you want to work with as stylist?

MEHWISH: I love my Pakistani designers , They are doing amazing job and personally feel we should promote our country talent first , Favorite designer so far , Ali Zeeshan and HSY. Both of them are good at what they do I believe. So far I have almost work with all the big brands in the fashion industry. To brand does not really matter, professionalism is what matters to me the most. However, I would definitely want to work for International brands as well now and would enable me to get a wider scope as a fashion stylist.


SONIA: What’s your approach when you work with designers for the shoots as stylist? Do you ask questions, go through their designs?

MEHWISH: I am little choosy That I must admit. As a fashion stylist I believe that its very important for an artist to be comfortable enough with the designer, knows his product and indeed knows what to deliver. For which, I prefer to select their best designs which personally I think I can carry as well. Not only this but also help the models to throw out the best pose during the shoots that would bring out the design in a much brighter way. In short, more you know the designer and more you have the knowledge regarding their designs, better the result would be.

SONIA: Tell us something about this shoot?

MEHWISH: Asma Munir is a great designer, I got to work with her for the second time but It was one of my amazing experience . For this shoot we have hired two pretty young girls . A very talented they were and I must say they kept up with me in this hot weather of Dubai where the whole shoot was outdoor and in the month of Ramadan, I made them pose on the top of luxurious car’s hood. Oh not to forget’ Lamborghini and Bentley were hired to compliment the shoot. Yes it was a great shoot which came out tremendously.

SONIA: The girls you styled in this shoot are chic and bubbly, is that a personal signature of yours?

MEHWISH: Bubbly, you must be kidding me. I think they were gorgeous and I believe they did a great job at the shoot. Do I prefer a 0 size model or a bubbly one? Lets say I cant tag myself and limit myself to any one of them. Every shoot requires different face, poses and expressions and being a fashion stylist you got to know what you are getting out of your models. Yes, I do prefer a chic and funky shoots because I personally like them however, as I said you have to be open enough for everything designers demand and as a stylist you have to deliver.

SONIA: Any advice for those looking for a career in the fashion industry?

MEHWISH: Girls and boys who are in this profession, gotta remember that you have to work hard, practice more and focus. There is no short cut , if you want to be famous . Work hard and take one by one step .Fame and money does not come over night, be consistent and be ready for everything and every challenge people throw at you( my personal experience). Trust me falling down again and again does not mean the end of the world, but not getting up with the will that you will succeed one day, takes you places.




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