Sonia-Hi Hina! Welcome to Dubai social diaries, would you like to tell our readers about your beautiful Eid Collection?what were your inspirations for the designs you created for this shoot?
Hina Butt-Hello and thank you! Our Eid collection is titled Floral Magic. It synthesizes lawn with organza to create a mix of comfort with luxury. We’ve used shades of pastel pinks, lilacs and lemons to cool the summer heat, and added a splash of floral embroideries to add the vibrant magic of spring! The pants are detailed with pleats, interlacing threads and organza finishes.

Sonia-Do you try to keep with the trends or create your own?
Hina Butt-I believe it is extremely important to constantly innovate and add something original to the fashion mix. All our collections offer something unique and daring. Our brand philosophy celebrates women who are not the type to shy away from the bold, and who embrace innovation.

Sonia–Everyone in this world cannot be creative. So when you first realized that there is some kick of creativity in your personality?
Hina Butt-I always had an eye for fashion. I could mix and match and come up with an innovative outfit. During LUMS days, i remember everyone would love what I wore and ask me to dress them up like on the farewell, etc. And i thoroughly enjoyed doing that! By the end of my MBA, I was sure I wanted to be a fashion entrepreneur and so I launched my brand.

Sonia-What are the key elements for you when designing a collection each season?
Hina Butt-The most important element for me is creating a unique marriage of colours, silhouettes and fabrics to capture the powerful persona and individuality of an HB woman. I ensure we use the best quality fabrics and create the most eye catching mix of colours for our designs. Our team puts in hours of research behind each collection, and i guess that is the most essential aspect of any good collection.

Sonia-What’s the biggest misconception that Pakistani women have about Fashion?
Hina Butt-That more is better. Our team believes in minimalism. Less is definitely more! Like at the recent Hum TV awards people were dressed up like it was a Shaadi event! God! What were they thinking?! Either wear a bright colour with a nice colour and accessorize or wear a full kaam wala jora. But please not both!

Sonia-You are a successful designer, a successful wife and a mother. What would you advise women who wish to balance all these roles?
Hina Butt-To be honest, it’s a struggle everyday! I’m also a politician. I am member of the assembly in Punjab and currently working on women rights. The key is delegating your work to he right people and creating the right team. And most importantly, you have to believe in yourself. People will try to put you down so everyday you have get up and fight for yourself.

Sonia-besides being a designer you are also a politician. How do you manage?
Hina Butt-As I said earlier also, it’s not easy shuffling between the two professions as they both require a lot of time and commitment. But I try to organize my week in such a way that neither profession is compromised. I keep both occupations separate and focus on each one at a time.

Sonia-looking back at your career graph… what is something you wish you knew when you first started out in the industry? What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?
Hina Butt-Set goals for yourself and don’t compare or copy others in the industry. Every one has their own journey and we all learn through our own unique experiences. The key is hard work, dedication and commitment.

Sonia-Thank you for coming on board with Dubai Social Diaries What are your thoughts about the magazine?
Hina Butt-My pleasure. You’re doing a fantastic job! Dubai definitely needed an exclusive online magazine to stay informed about the minutes latest fashion and beauty trends, exhibitions and all the lifestyle news and gossip! Looking forward to more interesting issues from Dubai Social Diaries.







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