JUNE, in fact, continues with the Summer and the Ramadan spirit in Dubai . If you haven’t managed to visit the Ramadan Majlis yet, you are in luck as there is still time for you, family and friends to visit the Ramadan tents and experience the amazing atmosphere. There are plenty of tents across the city to choose from. And don’t forget to visit Ramadan Night Markets ,best place to shop for traditional cloths, jewellery, accessories and all that you might need for Eid.

As you know its our Eid Special issue so lets talk about EID!! For me Eid al Fitr is one of the most important occasions ,Signifying an end to a whole month of fasting and prayers .It is all about spending time with family and friends. Eid brings happiness and peace to our lives and it recharges family bonds and strengthens relations.

For Muslims, this day of celebration, starting with early morning prayers and getting together for fun-filled days, with loved ones and family. Lets not forget who are not celebrating Eid or away from there loved ones. who are normally working six days a week and often end up working overtime, think of their expenses when plan to go out on these days of rest but realise they that they will end up using their monthly spending budget.This is the reality of life for people who are trying to manage with a high cost of living, saving money to send it back home so their kids can celebrate eid.

Since childhood, we celebrated EID with our family and friends, Why not this time we celebrate this occasion with those who are waiting for someone to come and let them know the meaning of this occasion.
It is mandatory for muslims to celebrate the Eid as Prophet Mohammud (P.B.U.H.) and help the needy one and to visit them on this occasion. This is sunnah and Allah gives reward for each bit of good deeds. May Allah accept our fasts and made us free from all evil things!
By presenting our 9th issue,Wishing you and your family Eid Mubarak
What do you think of June issue? what do you like and what is missing? Let us know and we will try to deliver it in our forthcoming issues. you can email us at dubaisocialdiaries@gmail.com

Sonia Kamran


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